March Drag Cars

We have some new solid drag cars this month in the S class and P class. These are not leader board cars in the S or P class but the Ultima is a Lotus Esprit killer and Ruf Yellowbird killer in the mile. 19.3s are probably possible. But for a quick tune and having the car a couple hours this is what I managed…

(NEW)Ultima GTR— 19.422 in the mile, 12.188 in the half mile and 7.797 in quarter with index of P-944(AWD).

My fastest Lotus Esprit times to compare are at 19.600 in the mile, 12.200 in half, and 7.801 in quarter with an index of P-910.

(NEW)VW Scirocco— 20.633 in mile, 12.634 in half, 8.050 in quarter with index of S-798(AWD).

My fastest Ferrari TR hits 20.384 in the mile, 12.645 in the half, and 8.072 in the quarter with an index of S-800.

I have gotten a few messages asking what type of times these cars are getting so I thought I would post this up. Hope this helps…

Anyway see you guys on the strip…….

my gnx is doing

Good times…

new times

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Good stuff!!

I got my 81 VW down to:


hey I knnnooow you lol…

nice times Studie AG they will go faster keep up good work

Thanks. I did hit a 8.066 in the 8 car quarter the other day.

Whats next for you? I haven’t really tuned the Ultima. I did for a couple hours on launch and thats it. Been working on another class.

been hitting the circuit tracks, just about finished with drag I still go on now and again

Circuit is fun but not a favorite. Gran Turismo I was a top 20 tuner for the circuit and then moved on to other games over the years. On Forza 5 I like the S, R, P and X class drags. Not a fan of the slower cars so you won’t see me on those. I do have a few A class cars and thats about it.

I am waiting till the Mercedes C9 comes out and Nurburgring and then I will be back on the circuits.

I hear you, it does get old. Waiting on the Pro Stock Drag Cars…

Can not wait either do u know when it is coming out

I heard May. Who knows really.

(NEW)VW Scirocco— 20.670 in mile, 12.673 in half, 8.067 in quarter with index of S-798(AWD)

Down to 20.650 in the mile, 12.673 in half, and 8.066. S class Scirocco.

Currently have the new Nissan 390 down to 7.500 in the quarter. 7.483 is possible which is R class Stradale times.