Sub 8 sec 1/4

Hey guys I have a Ultima GTR 720 in P class and only managing low 8’s…im convinced this car can go into the 7’s but I have no tuning skills…can anyone help me

I have a tune out for it that is good for 7.800 if your interested

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Awesome mate that would be cool

on another note could more than 7.8 be had from this car?..its so quick im sure 7.5’s are on cards but would take a lot of hours/days to get the balance right

Hey mate I have just run a 7.718 in your tune :slight_smile:

7.818? I don’t think 7.717.

No I think the fastest I have seen was a 7.798 or somewhere in that area. I put a lot of time into the cars I tune and dont release tunes until I have maxed them out time wise.

How do I get my hands on your tune mate? your GT?

It was a 7.718 i will try again and record it

Yeah I would live to see that because the best I managed with that tune was 7.800 … glad you could find the tune though hope you enjoy it