Downloaded liveries are not saved in "my files"

When a livery is downloaded from “find designs” it is applied to the car in the background as it should be, but in “my files” its image does not appear.
The livery applied on the car disappears after starting a new race session or relaunching the game.
Also downloading liveries causes continuous stuttering that cannot be fixed unless the game is relaunched.
Repeated downloading results in heavier stuttering and eventually CDT.

The issue is present since the update on November 3rd, and it is still there in the current version 1.113.6501.2.
The liveries I downloaded in the earlier versions are working fine.
To try to solve the issue I have lowered the graphics quality settings, deleted some of the saved liveries, and reinstalled the game, but none worked.

Pc spec
Intel Core i7 CPU 950 3.07 GHz
12.0 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 960 GTX
Win 10 Home 64bit OS
Direct X 12

I don’t have all these issues but saved liveries vanish from my cars leaving them grey which is frustrating.

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+1 - this wasn’t present at launch. It began happening after one of the recent updates. Can you say one step forward and two steps back???!!??!

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