Doubts about the new Forza Motorsport

Hello everyone, I’m making some considerations on the new Forza Motorsport. Excluding the discussion on the technical quality that seems to me to be really “invincible”, I have doubts about the future career mode.

It is known that practices and qualifying will be implemented, but in my opinion they will be “optional”, and if you decide not to do them then your race will start as usual in the middle of the grid (in my opinion it will be done for the widest possible audience).

If this is not the case and practice and qualifying are compulsory, then I fear that this will also lead to a reduction in the number of cars. I find it hard to believe that with a 1970 Fiat 500 they let you go through tests, qualifications and then a race that could also be “Endurance”.

My biggest concern is that they can make a game similar to Assetto Corsa Competizione, where car modifications won’t be present in the career but only in the “free play” mode (as happens in FM7). I fear this because in my opinion FM7 was a 9 rated game, but due to the approvals the game was completely ruined and became a 6 rated game.

What do you think?

I think we need to go back to a system where you can have the freedom to make your car evolve and take it with you to the higher categories, but I would like that in this context the game can give many, many, many more credits so that you you will have the utmost freedom to take your car to higher categories with you or buy a new car suitable for the reference class.

From this point of view, Gran Turismo is superior, because you have the utmost freedom to choose whether to buy a reference car or modify the ones you have up to the reference PP.

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Not sure what approvals you are talking about?

In a three dimensional game a couple of things will make a difference

  • driver skills
  • tuning skills
  • knowledge about the track

so what is fun about no modifications?

  • one dimension gone

And I like how FM7 career was designed, you can pick from a palette of events how to get the 1500 points to unlock next level and more to choose from.

I was referring to homologations. In theory it is right to have more balance in the race, but you need a little flexibility as the competition offers. I hate in FM7 that I buy a car and not be able to “touch” it or change its performance, except in very small things! If in order to enjoy a car I have tuned and modified by myself, I have to be forced to play in “free game”, what’s the point?

Iirc the practice and quali is for MP, don’t think anything was announced for sp (open to correction)

Cars can be upgraded. Look at the thread about 50kw where you can remove the homologation and upgrade freely.

yes I have seen, but in my opinion such a game must follow the competition method. You must have the utmost freedom to buy a new car, or to upgrade those you already have in terms of performance in order to make them suitable in terms of performance. I want to have the freedom to buy all the cars, or to modify a Fiat 500 to S900 performance level and even make endurance ones in career mode

Agreed, me too.

Have not tried what happends if you ignore warning that limit is exceeded.

  • first thought is that car race in that new class that match other cars
  • then I was not so sure

I will try to pimp one of my cars seriously and see what happends.

  • will it be banned from all events?
  • or just matched with other AI or oneline folks if doing that?
  • or just homologated down to original class?

Overall the game would be so much more fun if you know how things work.

  • now it is a guessing game

So a comprehensive course and manual to learn all the nitty gritty things, please.
I found all the cool telemetry through a YT video.

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if you exceed the limits in career mode, you will receive a warning message that the limit has been exceeded and that I have to review some changes, or have everything done automatically. Only this in career mode. In my opinion this is a WORLD TOP game, marred by a career mode that doesn’t allow you to make mechanical changes

Hi Adajo1984, I’ve moved the topic from FM7 to this section for opinion and info discussion. For requesting features, please be sure to use our Suggestions Hub section of the forums.

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Ok Thank You

After hosting lobbies in Forza Motorsport 7 for 3 or so years I came to the conclusion that Homologation was one of the best things in that game.

Sadly it was saddled with the dated and exploitable PI system but you can’t win ‘em all…


Can you explain why that is?

I can see it’s convenient at first not having to master many skills as you begin to race. So just drive, your car is as everybody elses.

One way of handling it could be to have homoglobation in beginning career modes until a certain level in game.

  • but as you pass a certain level you can tune car too
  • at another level you can upgrade car too

This way a drivers many skills comes into play over time.

This would satisfy most people I think.

Another way could be to have certain events homologated, and other free classes.

  • divide events like this

Have a vague memory I saw some events based on C-class, D-class and similar but not sure which game. Never tried it since I don’t understand classes anyway more than certain engine power, weight and maybe tire compound allowed.

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Homologation meant that my community had 70+ different car classes ready-made and pre-balanced out of the box, as opposed to having just 10 or so if we went with car classes (like we do in Forza Horizon 5).

We could race a different class each week and have fresh content for over a year. There was still total freedom on vehicle builds and tunes provided they were within spec, so plenty of skills to learn and use regardless.

The PI system did mean that some cars would be better than others because that’s how Forza works, but Homologation along with some stricter build parameters (or an adjustable Balance of Performance) system is a sound idea when done well. GT Sport was a good example of that in action with only 6 classes, each getting balance updates as the months went on.


Oh Jesus, the game is not even out yet and people are already complaining :roll_eyes: See it first, then form your opinion

I found no freedom tuning or upgrading at all. Tried with a bunch of cars in garage and none allowed engine stuff, not any at all. I could not even have ARB racing style both back and front, some allowed either only. Even saying tires limit were sport I could not upgrade to that but keep stock street tires. One or two allowed some frame in cockpit to be upgraded one step.

It all seemed to go by C450 or C475 or C500. Maybe a C450 limit car had som numbers left of 442 or similar, but nothing could be upgraded. And as my thread “50 kW” said still could not do engine upgrade at all.

No matter what you did it said in orange “limit exceeded” or similar.

And none had homologation bought, since I thought it would be even worse total control and you cannot do anything, or do what I want and then homologation just dropped that at a race.

I tried on maybe a dozen cars and then gave up. This is rediculous. Have maybe 130 cars or so now in garage.

I focus so far on tire pressure and ARB as most important stuff to improve performance and those cars that allow that. Doing test laps with telemetry to learn from the ground what makes a difference. Those two things I think every class should allow, since does not change top speed or acceleration significantly.

I would want a Street, Sport and Race setup saved and easy pick what is valid for a race. And setup each as I please and select which class I want them to be, and assume getting opponents that match.

Looking at categories I think it was called in race setup there are something like 25-30 or so. So doing some Forzathon I looked like crazy to pick a car in that category as the event was for. Then I could go to Select car and choose from that list. Yet another thing not explained much.

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I am not 100% sure I understand what you are asking for.

But what I hope for in terms of career mode, is a career that procedually generates itself around your active car (as well as cars in your garage and affordable cars).
So, if you have a default Fiat 500 it will offer suitable events for it.
If you upgrade your Fiat 500 to S-Class, the offered events would change to reflect that.

Of course that means the career wouldn´t be a set path to grind through until you have checkmarked all races.

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I know people have different opinions about FM7, and I respect them. But IMO, it’s a terrible racing game overall.

The Homologation killed the power car fantasy dead in its tracks… One of the underlying reasons many play racing games, sim-style or not. Yes, there was Free Play, but like many have said in the six years since FM7 released, what’s the point when there is no structure and no progression in that mode?

It also wasn’t just Homologation that ruined FM7. It was the other areas where FM7 was weak that just added up to equal a mediocre game e.g. tracks like Dubai, and the abysmal AI the series has been suffering from since FM4.

In contrast, Project Cars 2 has no upgrade system, either, but it has a far better campaign & progression and Free Play mode because everything else about the game (track selection; AI) was done much better. So, the areas where it may be weak weren’t as glaring given its strong points.


Can you explain what you mean about structure and progression?

Structure to me means qualification stages, 5-6 races for a medal or something?

  • that bores me quite a bit with such a long undertaking

You still make leveling up in Free Play, tier up car collection and money, what else do you want?

  • and you can always compare how you did in laptimes with leaderboard

This for both Free Play and Rivals. Free Play pop up a new track when one is done all the time. A new suprise track.

I did this weeks Forzathon now and that also make things progress.
Then I did Rivals in C-class cars and ran this beautyful Alpensee tracks 3 of them.

When I started FM6 it was one mandatory race and you should finish third or better

  • so new game, new car, new track and no progress at all until you managed that

I just stopped playing it. Then a year or something later there were an update, and that race I was in is probably where many people struggled and just dropped it, so they probably saw this and removed that entry race in that update.

  • this was structure for you

FM7 they did a more clever approach and let you have many options which races to run and in which order, and you unlocked next level career reaching a 1500 points doing any races. This is good psychology I think.

Giving the option to explore is kind of nice.

I got FM7 just 4 months ago, and I like it a lot. Sometimes it’s brutal with this air field or whatever it is, with just some cones places telling where to drive and rain and mist and crap - you don’t even see where the track goes.

  • let’s see there are cones everywhere, where is track???

I think it was last week a Forzathon on Le Mans full circuit, and takes each lap 5 minutes or so. And you were to make a clean lap for a medal. You ran 4-5 laps and then felt yes, now this lap will be clean and AI comes and send you out in the woods, kind of.

In retrospect it was funny, but not then I tell you.

So different kind of difficulties are thrown at you. I think this is great still after being out so many years these races are fixed and something new every week and month etc.

About homologation I think I said my piece earlier in thread so won¨t repeat it.

I thought they’d be revealing tidbits of info after they revealed the game but nope. Just 6 months of absolute radio silence after the other two years of radio silence after the other 3 years of radio silence. A little transparency goes a long way here.

In a lot of racing games… At least, those from about 10 years ago… You start in a lower class car and gradually work your way up to faster and faster cars as you raced. The classic “Zero to Hero” type of progression that makes the time you put into the game feel rewarding because you’re also honing your driving skills (if the AI is good) as well as racing better and better cars until you reach the top tier.

PC2 has a career where you start off racing Karts around a local Kart track and then gradually progress up the ladder from Weekend Club races all the way to professional motorsports race weekends that include practice, quali and the final race on world famous tracks.

You do about four or five races in each tier, but the point is you’re getting better and better and learning how to drive faster and faster cars… Versus modern racing games that just put in you a McLaren, your very first race. There is no sense of player agency (feeling in control of the game), or progression because you’re just automatically “a professional motorsports driver”.

Forza Horizon 5, has this exact problem where the “starter” cars are usually the release year’s top Super Cars like a Supra, Corvette, etc.

Contrast this to the original FH (2012) that started you in a 1995 Volkswagen Corrado VR6. As you raced, you earned money to upgrade the car to a certain point, and then buy higher class cars to continue racing in more demanding events. This gave you a sense of real progression because you had to earn the faster cars… Versus FH5 where not just the starter cars are Super Cars, but the Wheelspin Mechanic just drops Super Cars in your lap with no progression required to earn them.


Thanks for explaining.

To allow diversity how you want to go they could have both type of careers, one strict hierachical and one the type in FM7.

If it was in FM3 there were a calendar and you book the next race like that. WRC 9 is a bit like that, and a way for those that don’t want a palette of choices and everything lined up, kind of. But in WRC there are loads of choices where to put your winnings.

If you try to control everything from developers how to do things the game is soon dead in the water, I think.

The career in FM7 is virtually untouched in my case, I have so much fun doing Free Play and Rivals and the variety Forzathons. To improve and get it confirmed on leaderboards is what brings satisfaction and sense of progress.

  • starting to know the car you are driving
  • starting to know the track you are driving

Not into online racing at all. Just online leaderboards are perfect. I might grow to make online races eventually. Much more rewarding gotten a wheel some months ago.

Homologation destroy some of the dimensions of racing being tuning and upgrading skills as well. Knowing the track and where to put your effort in gaining time comes with any style of racing.

So my standing request is that at first you are homologated strictly and leveling up you unlock tuning and upgrading. This kind of progress makes perfect sense to me.

To make game a wide success there need to be things for everybody. For some racing a car they never will have a chance to drive in real life is one thing that shines through what people value in voting for cars. For me the overall interest is driving variety of cars. When you get the hang of one car that is satisfaction right there. Then I want to pimp it up for higher classes too, but first ability to tune the obvious things like tire pressure and ARB as minimum.

So not that fond of ACC for one, apart from it being a disaster for console, just about GT3 and GT4 cars, and I say who cares? You spend more time tuning cars to perform like any standard street car I owned than driving. I even posted a video of a guy that been eRacing for 25 years and he bought setups for ACC cars he drove, he didn’t care doing that.

  • driving 5-10 laps and say “nah, I should change something else”
  • and continue doing that all the time
  • then you are done with one car, and switch car and you are on square one again.

I never came as far as doing racing, I did practicing only. So they went overboard with one style of car and configure till death do us apart. So very niched.

From the clues we’ve got so far from T10 we will get some mixture of the legacy games is my view. Everything need not be there at start, they could make DLC of certain career modes too.

And hope for a lot of effort making full race replays and lots of features making videos of it with lots of camera choices making your best race eternal.

A little high and low of it all…