Forza Motorsport 7 ... =) ... =( ...

(first sorry for my english,)

Well, I’m giving my little point of view. I will try to be as objective as possible.

Basically, I buy the ultimate versions, but the, the promotion of the game did not convince me.
I would like to buy the deluxe version, more in the end, in view of the opinions / bug list since Sept. 29, I tried for the basic version.

after 5h of the game, here is my opinion:
the +

  • it’s beautiful, thats all right (no 4Ktv and xbox fat, sorry)
  • the number of cars, there are small copies, but overall, it is varied, 700+, even in the classic version of the game, that’s very good =)
  • the levels to go to big cars, it’s cool, it’s a challenge, the fact that we win (or I felt I’m earning less) money, force us to choose ours purchases, I also like it.
    this will give value to some models (as in FM2 or according to our country of departure, had advantages on specific brands)
  • the possibility of have longer career courses, good work Turn10.
  • the dynamic climate, the new circuits, all that, well done.
  • some new parts to make the safety cars, light bars…, very good surprise .
  • homologations, give balance on races, that is a good point.
  • career, for now, I have fun, it’s varied, even if it isn’t totally new when you come from FM6.

the -
somes bugs, a patch will correct thas, i’m not in pain for this.

  • cars list, directly from FH3, … (it takes for all tastes … I know I know) Polaris side by side, rally cars, big suv, buggys, it’s wonderful in FH, but in FM … seriously, who dream about making a race one the Nur with an old land rover, or une jeep willy? Is there not enough racing car in the world?
    if someone really love that, that’s mean one of us doesn’t understang the word ‘‘motorsport’’.
    -car list # 2, ok, there is the V8 supercar 2017, Nascar 2017, Formula E 2017, but, what about LMP, GT3 / GTE …, those categories are massively the same since 2014. (NSX GT3 / M6 GT3 … does not say anything to Turn10?)
    -the tracks: Turn10 say ‘’ 4 new tracks !!! and the dynamic climate’’
    BUT IS NOT. almost the same declinations as FM6, day,night,rain (corrects me if i’m wrong) but I found nothing for to make a race on the evening, or with the sunrise, we can juste manage the rain, on 6 circuits, like FM6…
    I suppose if we make a 24h race, it will be 24hours on day, on on night, but not dynamic time (again, correct me if i’m wrong)
    -ok, maybe circuits like Tsukuba are far, licensed … but Fujimi Kaido, it’s not far ^^
  • the damages, like fm6 , real damage would be great.
  • the pits, like fm6, nothing special.
  • wide bodykit, on few cars, for the rest, the same parts as on FM6,5,4,3, … 2,1?
  • the settings /parts, like fm6. (no special part, did you often go on race track, to see amateurs lapping driver and their cars?)
  • the painting job, kile fm6. (no stickers on wheel, on glasses)
  • multi mode that can no longer be launched alone …
  • I have not found the free practice in the setup menu (maybe wrongly searched)
  • the pilots suits … i want to play cars game, not sims…

Finally, like many specialists says, it’s very good, very well provided, very beautiful, it is a reference in the category. And I’m going to have fun!

But for us fans of the series (well, I hope not to be all alone, if that’s the case, please tell me haha)
I expected something better than an FM6.5
I was waiting more for the leader of the race car game,
I expected better to spend my money for the ultimate version.
I was expecting better as an false weather evolution and clothing for my driver.

in two years, i dont really know whats they do, for 2019, please let the graphic quality like this, and make evolve the gameplay.

-i want mountain tracks (fujimi, pikes peak for example), and new tracks around the world.
-i want something happen in pits, chosing tires, chosing reparations…
-i want a real update on the modern race cars choice.
-i want real choose for dynamic weather, look at project cars…
-i want possibility to make all cars more wide, with a kit, or not.