Don't break it, there isn't many left accolade

The known issues list this:

Accolades - Danger Signs - Don’t Break It, There Isn’t Many Left - doesn’t tell the player about the specific danger sign you need

Does anyone know which Danger Sign you have to complete?

i have purchased the premium add ons bundle just to play early and the game still says you are to esrly to play

Found it
LA Cruz Danger Sign (right side of the big city)


Thank you, that worked perfectly!

Now to work out why “No parachute needed” won’t trigger with the 2008 WRX at the Launch Control sign… lol

You need to hit 3 stars on it I had the same issue and this just worked for me.

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hehe… I’m going to need that tune or a hint at the approach angle you took because I tried a few lines and tunes and haven’t come close to 3 stars with the Subaru. Yet. Never say never… but I’m not seeing it happening. Though I’m sure some have done it… must have… or there’d be threads about it being impossible… right ? lol

HUGE Thank You ! Forza claims it’s fixed but mine (Xbox) still shows it as “any” Danger Sign… sigh…

Works here fine. Completed sec ago.
Used the stock from autoshow it was only 50meters

That is not the solution for everyone.

I chucked the v8 engine plus all upgrades, got 3 stars and nothing.

I would wait for the next patch.

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The “No Parachute Needed” ? I think you’re right. I just hit 450m and change… nada… sooo annoying…

Patch due any day now… lol… sigh

hmm… maybe it’s a different danger sign… lol…

I hit 472m & still no joy