Does anyone know the full payout scale for leveling up?

I am currently at level 100 and I am getting 70,000 credits per level up. I am a bit disappointed as I was hoping the credit payouts would increase at level 100. Does anyone know if it does increase? If so at what level? Thanks

I’m over level 200 and no change. I know its less than past games but really I haven’t found it very hard to get enough in game credits to buy whatever I want. If you run rivals mode and do 20-30 laps you will not only get the level up credits but you also get decent credits compare to some portions of career mode. I’m sure others will come in and mention the usual, Forza Rewards and contests which are also nice additional ways to gather credits, there is a race with the Devs event on the 21st and some of those events can surprise you with gifts for participating.

Now as far as there not being anything special for finishing all the career races, that I do not understand.

It remains the same at 35,000/70,000 (non VIp vs VIP). Turn 10 made the decision to keep it constant for some reason.

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Thats cool

non vips only get 35,000? yikes.

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lol play more. payouts doubled after launch. when the game 1st came out vip paid 30k and regular was 17.5k even at 17.5k i earned enough credits to buy every car i needed for career before i needed it. payouts went up when i was about level 300 and when i was at level 600 i had enough to buy every car in the game not including dlc. even switching tunes and buying the parts for that doing rivals i still have over 10 mill spare credits. by the end of the year i’ll own every part so every tune will be free and i’m still going to have 100 mill of credits with nothing to spend them on. i am building up money faster than i need it trying 3-6 different tunes for every track. you have to remeber while the payouts dont scale up neither do the xp per level. its only about 17k to level up every time, no more level 120 making you get 120000xp to get to level 121. now 120k xp would already have you over level 127. if you are level 100 in fm5 you would probably be level 40-50 in fm4. and it pays you every time you level, you dont stop getting paid at level 150 anymore. people over level 1000 are still getting paid every time they level.

by the way only buy the cars you want. having every car just makes it harder to find the car you want in multiplayer.

Fixed the XP to level up
Also - the manufacturer bonus is only 20k which increases your winnings after each race.


i believe its the same payout every level because its the same xp to level up every level whereas in previous FM games it was more xp each level so a bigger reward each level

This is correct.

How do you get vip status?

Its an add on for $20. I’m at level 935 (or maybe even a little higher). I got there mostly without VIP status as I only paid for it a few days ago. I got so high by running rivals. I run as many laps as it takes to beat a rival. If you have most assists off, and an affinity level of 25, and you do beat the rival, the CR payout can be awesome. I have 87 cars in my garage and still 30 million CR left over. XP is based on laps whether you beat a rival or not, so you can get your level to go up really fast by running rivals. I typically go up at least one level every time I run against a rival. I’ve gone up by as many as 4 levels on one rival. Its way faster than career mode if that’s what you’re looking for.

Ive just bought vip status :slight_smile:

Pretty much what Lou said. Just play the game and don’t worry about $…it will come.

You lot have lost me with all this chat about cr.
I just play the game and earn what I earn.
I did not realise there was so many ways to earn it.
What is all this levelling up thing ??
As you can tell I’m new to all this Forum stuff.

None of it is really important, its just a way to earn in game currency so you are free to buy cars, do upgrades, etc.

Each lap has a certain amount of XP tied to it. For example, you get 2,000 XP for a lap on Alps Festival. Driver levels are 14,000 XP apart and Affinity levels are 20,000 XP apart. So if I run 7 laps in Rivals mode on Alps Festival, I go up 1 level at the end. Its not uncommon for me to run 20+ laps, so the XP keeps building. Every time you go up a level, you get a CR bonus of 35,000 for non-VIP members and 70,000 for VIP members. If you only care about your driver level (I do not), then run any car you want. If you want to earn CR, drive the car that has the highest affinity level in your garage and turn off as many asists as possible. The ranking of the rival that you are running against factors into it too. So as you advance up the leaderboards, the CR payout becomes higher and higher. I just ran against myself as a rival and beat my time. I ran 15 laps and the payout was something like over 70,000 CR. I advanced 2 levels, so I got another 140,000 CR. I didn’t write it down, so I could be off, but that’s pretty close. That’s over 200K in about half an hour. The fastest way is on the Oval at Indy because its such a short lap in terms of time, but any track will do really. Its so fast because you aren’t waiting for the game to load maps and such. You’re just running laps one after the other. You’ll find you get a lot better at the game doing it too.

thanks for the feedback everyone. bummer the payouts do not go up any more than 70K. you would think they would reward people who play enough to get to level 100 and beyond. that is a lot of racing! i also don’t get why they don’t give you additional credits for actually winning the race not just coming in with the gold. but oh well.

I am getting too much money, its too easy, I can spend it fast enough, its way too eay about 77.78% of my money I coming from just levleing. I got about 200 cars and 38 milion and growing fast. I also worked out if I had the same XP as I do in F5 as in F4 I would be like level 5000 and that you be $350 million is just leveling. I am about L810 now so thats 56 million just in leveling rewards.