Does anyone at Microsoft really take responsibility for technical issues?

This forum says “Although we have helpful members and mods who can help with technical support questions, this forum is NOT an official Technical Support forum for Xbox or Windows.”

Referring to “” for windows problems is fine.
Referring to “” for “Official Technical Support” is another matter.

All things considered, that means xBox is responsible for dealing with technical issues with Forza Motorsport 7, as could be reasonable expected. However, xBox is not equipped to handle technical issues related to flawed software, just helping explain how to set up according to how it is supposed to work.

Presumably, this forum is facilitated by Turn 10, a subsidiary of Microsoft and responsible for the development in Forza Motorsport 7.

So, who in Microsoft is actually taking ownership of technical issues with regard to Forza Motorsport 7 (or any particular xBox game for that matter)?


Why would you think that the XBox team should be responsible for technical support of Forza (or any game for that matter)? The XBox team does not develop, publish or distribute any games. Just as Turn 10 does not build, sell or support any XBox consoles. Yes, they are all owned by Microsoft, but they’re different divisions of the company responsible for different products and services.

Take a moment and fully read the message you’re responding to. The OP quotes the information that is shown both here on the forum and on the Xbox support web site. He isn’t just pulling this information out of thin air - each party points their finger at the other one, which leaves players with NO actual support for this title.

I’ve pointed this out in the tech support forum before and was ignored there, and I guarantee it will get ignored here, too. I wish that weren’t the case, but if wishes were fishes…


If you’re looking for the Forza 7 tech support forum, it’s over yonder:

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You mean the one that, had you bothered to read the OP, explicitly states it is not an official technical support forum and points you to, which then points you back here?


Actually, what it says for people who can read, is that it isn’t an XBOX or Windows support forum and then it lists examples of XBOX/Windows issues that you should take to the given links rather than bringing them up here. It doesn’t say to take all of your problems over to those sites, and if you do you will almost certainly be redirected back to the developers with none but yourself to blame.

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No, player facing technical support for their games is basically non-existent. I’ve pointed out this exact circular finger pointing in the tech support forum, and it got ignored there, also. If you dig around, you can find a referral to as an email address for support, which you have about a one in five chance of getting a reply from based on my personal experience.

I enjoy the game for the most part, but when you run into problems, and you will, there is very little you can do other than hope and pray that T10 actually fixes the problem on their own. It is utterly ridiculous that a title of this profile lacks so severely in any sort of support from the developers, but there you have it.


Everyone likes to point the finger when things go wrong, the problem is that users like to blame the wrong people, its like blaming the washing machine company for making your toast too soggy. The user needs to understand when its their fault and stop blaming anyone.
The Xbox One (Microsoft) has a horrible system compared to the 360, both for game saves and general lack of user friendliness.
Forza (T10) could make games on the 360 but it wouldn’t sell. They have to use the Xbox One and take the blame for a terrible save feature (incidentally caused by users who abused the local 360 save system to cheat)

Now PC is a different matter altogether. Windows10 (Microsoft) is a lot worse IMO than any other Windows version, totally non-user friendly, yet Forza has a version.
If you read this forum enough, 90% of issues come from PC users. Them people obsessed with FPS that will overclock, have a million different combinations of hardware, RAM, CPU, drivers, even software. Users still want their washing machines to make perfect toast!

I tend to not blame anyone when things don’t go the way I want them to. I always try to work out what I did wrong first. This has kept me calm and happy with Microsoft AND T10.

Don’t get me started on pre-ordering though. Great business model financially, but a nightmare for reducing the time games have in development before being released. I’m gonna have to blame the user again for this, they mess a hell of a lot of stuff up for themselves and everyone else.


I have no idea what kind of support you are expecting but so far T10 has put out more updates and fixes to FM7 than they have for FM1-6 combined. Even the forum - that a T10 employee responds in! - is an improvement over anything previous.

Could it be better?

Of course, but they are moving in the right direction.

Overall I dont see them being any better or worse than any other videogame developer that has to deal with a million+ customers.


I think the op is politely searching for answers on a game that I think has the worst problems that I personally have ever seen in a video game and I’ve been gaming over 30 years.

Take this latest update for example. Inbetween loading screens I have cars piling on top of each other. Zoomed in side views of cars blocking the entire screen. But worst of all is the crashing to dashboard which happened five times last night. (Xbox one)

This never happened before the update so while they fix one problem they introduce other problems then we have to put up with it until the next fix. Frustrating to the point of having to look for answers on a game that should be 100% finished with a few minor tweaks here and there.

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Until FM7, apart from a brief dabble with Apex, the series has been an XBox exclusive.

Exactly the same software running on exactly the same hardware.

As a general rule:

Bugs with the game were easily reported (often here) and T10 rolled out a fix, or didn’t.

Problems with connectivity were down to your ISP

Problems with saves and syncing were down to XBL

Problems with hardware were down to MS or your retailer.

Now that its cross platform its a whole different story. The game runs well on some PCs but hardly at all on others and this is due to individuals set ups and installed software. The permutations are endless and it’ll like take T10 some time to iron everything out.

It’s difficult to know where you’d go for help without knowing the specifics but many forums are used by developers as the first port of call for technical issues. There’s a lot of knowledgeable people happy to help.

Who in their right mind would put their hand up & claim responsibility for…this?


After the week I have had all I can say is expecting technical support from a tech support forum or centre is expecting too much.

It means what it says - “Xbox or Windows” not FM7 itself.

In the past seven months Turn 10 has: added three Community Liaison members to respond directly to users and systematically track and report issues; updated forum responses with INVESTIGATING tags to let users know that the issue is in progress; and reported line by line Release Notes for each content update. The forums did not have these things before.

Frustration with lack of response to the degree and schedule that one would like is understandable but does not justify concluding that they don’t provide the support. They respond to emails in the order in which they’re received.

“the worst problems that I personally have ever seen in a video game and I’ve been gaming over 30 years.” is one person’s opinion, but to then follow that with a non-game-breaking example is pretty remarkable considering some of the debacles in major releases from other companies in the industry in just the last couple years.

Some players are unhappy, and Turn 10 is well aware of that. But the evidence is there that they have been providing support. We’re not going to have a thread defaming Turn 10 to the contrary.