Do you use the Cockpit Drift Camera

Do you use the Cockpit Drift Camera?

I do seeing as there’s no option for Look to Apex, sure the game has a slight Look to Apex but not one that you can select the amount of so second best is the Cockpit Drift Camera that’s basically a Look to Apex on exiting the corner.

I find my preferred settings as:
Sensitivity 65
Look speed 65
Camera Range 100

Also I have the Camera Motion Effects set to off as the shakiness tends to make my eyes feel tired

If you are unsure of where the settings for the Drift Cam are they are under Gameplay & HUD

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I do, it enhances the immersion immensely, and helps me feel the car. If combined with look to apex, Forza could become an unparalleled driving experience, rivaled only by Project CARS and Automobilista in terms of immersion :slight_smile:

I just hope T10 is not going to implement the TPP drift camera from FH5, or at least separate from the FPP drift camera, unlike PG did :smile:

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I really hope that Turn10 look at adding look to apex as it would give a massive boost to the tyre model on feeling the grip level and also the weight transfer of the vehicle when going over bumps in the track surface.

Look to Apex shined in Project Cars 2, it had a sort of tilt to it that was fantastic, I found myself turning my head more and not just my eyes like most racing games with the look to apex which really got me engaged

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I always turn any camera motion effects like that completely off. Feels gimmicky, and it throws off my ability to tell how much the car is actually turning, versus how much it’s just my view that’s rotating.

In this installment they are painful. it’s like some sort of crazy fluttering affect, one like if you were driving over a test track that had cobblestones, guessing that it was added to cover up the fact all the track surfaces are off, way off and lifeless in FM8.

It could also have something to do with this “points of contact” creating such a lifeless feel to most surfaces hence adding the overkill jittery camera motion effects.

Easily solved tho, we turn them off and then learn that nothing is actually that special with the contact surfaces