Camera Motion Effects "Simulation"

Simulation option is missing in Forza Motorsport. Which was a pretty cool feature I was always using on FM7 and I was really upset when I didn’t saw the setting in the new game. Please bring simulation effect back because camera seems so still when I’m shifting, accelerating etc.

Speaking of camera effects… I wonder what kind of effect starts when you reach 400 kmh? It starts at about 390kmh with sickening camera shakes and continues on with further speed increase. It looks as if the car is about to blow up or teleport to the future…?
I know we will never reach 400 km/h in the usual races, but I just tried out the Ferrari Superfast at Le Mans (one with long straight) and I had a good laugh :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

oh yeah I tested out that in Bugatti Chiron 2 days ago on the Le Mans just like you and it’s poorly done lol it’s only right and left shaking constantly the same shake no difference at all XD yeah even FM7’s sim motion effect was less intense than that

I second that. Cockpit view camera is very still. No feeling/sensation of driving whatsoever.

Cockpit view needs to have camera motion effects when speeding up and braking (camera back/forward motion), camera shake when on bumps, camera leaning cornering.

Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa Competizione are good examples of that

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yes, please