Do you sometimes get modded (performance-wise) vehicles in this game? (Not bought in autoshow)

Hi, this is my first post here. Let me get straight to the core of this problem that my OCD is causing in me :D. I somehow got a BMW M5 from 1988 in the Forza Edition. I looked up it’s stats online on Forza Wiki and they are not right with the car that I got, here:


These are the stats from the wiki. I didn’t touch my BMW yet, never got into it, surely never bought any parts for it, yet my game says this car is "A"class car and it has quite different (higher) stats for most of the options (speed, acc, etc.). Is it just their mistake or is my car special in any way? :smiley: This has been bothering me for a f ew hours now.

Ps. I also thought they may have just copied the stats from the regular, non-forza edition version of this car because they didn’t have the right data for it…

Horizon edition cars come modified.

This post is a mistake.

Yes, I know that but look at pic in my main post. Regular M5 (1988) is class C. Normally, it says that Forza Edition M5 is class B. Mine is in class A. How come? I didn’t do any tuning/performance boost to it.

Okay I may have an answer. Sorry for double psoting though. I think it’s because they didn’t have the data about it. Most cars on their car list lists all the F. Edition cars with all the upgrades and stuff, but a few (rar ones) do not have the data on them yet, this M5 was one of those cars. I edited the wiki data there and now it looks allright. BMW M5 (1988) | Forza Wiki | Fandom I didn’t change the unlock data because I simply don’t even remember how I got that car but I think it was in a spin.