Brand New, Need Help

Hey everyone, so I am brand new to Forza so I’ve been doing a ton of reading on the tuning aspects of the game. I completed quite a few of the lower races and decided to try to build a car. I have an M5 that I upgraded and basically went all out. I know, probably not the thing to do. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to upgrade my tires. I bought new rims thinking that it would open up more tire options but all that is available is the stock tires and the drag compound. Am I doing something wrong? The problem now is that the car is uncontrollable, at least for me. It has over 800 BHP and will not stay on the track. I am guessing that different tires would help this. Did I do to much to this car though?

M5 with stock and drag only options??? It’s not the M3 GT car is it by any chance??

In any case unless you’re drag racing or racing round the Mulsane track 800bhp is seriously excessive in a car with a chassis designed for a maximum of 600…

Can you give us more info on the exact car including year and what upgrades you’ve put on please??

I’ll need to find out the exact details when I get on next but I want to say that it is the M5 that came in one of the car packs with the game. It already had a big wing on the back so probably the Forza designed car, or whatever you would call it. As far as the upgrades, literally everything that was available. I believe it is rated something like S785 now. If you need more details then I’ll have to get them later. I had a bunch of credits that I hadn’t done anything with so I went crazy on this thing.

If the only options available are STOCK and DRAG then it means the car you are in is equipped with RACE compound stock.

Hence I thought maybe he got confused lol… Even the team Forza cars that I’ve looked at have race compound as an option so I’m interested in knowing what it actually is.

It’s Team Forza M5
Going all out on it (with stock engine) results S786 with 831hp
Going all out on it (with engine swap) results S794 with 917hp
And then there is AWD swap which I didn’t test.

In testing, with the engine swap, the car is just about drivable without tuning, and it has many flaws, Lift off oversteer being the worst, also you have to remember to brake a mile before you actually want to turn, and be very gentle with the throttle.
This car has bit too much power for it’s own good, but I see the weight being the bigger issue. 3.200lbs is quite a lot of weight. on what afterall is rather skinny tires

Without tuning except maxing out the wings, I’d say I could run A class cars on similar times. just because I can make them lighter, I can get more tire in to them, and if anything I can make them lighter.

TL:DR It’s in too high class for it’s own good.

Yup, that’s it. So should I just forget about that thing and move on? I was driving it pretty well stock so in my manly man brain I thought that it would be even better with all of that power. Is there anything that can be done to it? I still can’t figure out the tires. Shouldn’t there be more options for width, etc?

Honestly those Team Forza cars weren’t really meant for upgrading, just used for career mode to earn some money. That’s my opinion because you can get so much more out of the fully unlocked production car versions.

If you need help upgrading in general I’d be more then happy to explain how it all goes. PM me or I can just post it in this thread if you want some help.

I found the team Forza mx5 was a pig I can’t get to grips with it or how they set that thing up its just awful

But the m5 looks like it’s even worse. Is it possible they’re more aimed at drifting???

Havn’t really tested any of them yet. much more interesting cars elsewhere for me. Therefore I can’t say anything about them

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It seems to be pretty good in stock form, Maybe you can make it decent A class car. But noting that it “already has” race tires upgrade, and widest possible tire upgrade, it never be a “great race car”.

Also power isn’t everything. Think it this way.

If you were given Mazda MX-5, it’s already just about maxed by handling upgrades, and it drives extremaly well, it has some power adding parts on it, making around 250hp, so it’s almost a race car, would you say that 100% power adding modification would improve, or ruin it? It would be on 500hp by then, and I’d say it would ruin it, it’s pretty hard to get all that power to the groud, which would only make it twitchy.