Requesting tuning help for a WEIRD setup

I’m in a forza league that has some unique rules, and this week it was my turn to pick. We are doing French B class cars with unlimited upgrades, but using drag tires is required. I am not the best driver but i’m an even worse tuner, but i’d love to have a good showing this week. Just for fun i am using the Renault Megane RS250 with the 370Z engine, and the positive displacement supercharger. (Roots blowers are kind of my signature in the league). Its a ~20 minute race, so tire wear could be a factor, and i’m even willing to do a pit stop.

If it isnt too much trouble, could someone assist me in making this odd beast more controllable and minimize the tire wear? A whole setup is a lot to ask, but even general tips on how to make a RWD swapped hatchback stick like a race car? Thank you guys for reading and thanks even more if you are able to offer some input. I’ll see you in forza 6 later this year :slight_smile:

Just to make sure…you are swapping from FWD to RWD, correct? What track(s)?



Conversion: 3.7L V6, RWD, PDS
Aero: F/R race
Tires: Drag compound, Max Width F/R, Magnum III rims or same weight
Drivetrain: Race Transmission and Diff
P&H: ALL Race
Engine: Sport Valves, Race PDS


B600, 414 hp/337 lb-ft, 2947 lbs (51%), 3.7L
6.4 / 4.7 / 8.5 / 8.8 / 7.0


Gears = Default, yet, change per track
56/145 (your preference)

Check it out, and change per your driving style. Good luck!


The excessive amount of negative camber needed to make any car in FM5 handle well might be a problem with tire wear. And once you add any kind of toe ( at least in the real world) will just make it worse. There are way more qualified people in this forum than me to help you out. I’am curious if the amount of camber and caster has any effect on game play in sim mode. That is one assist i will probably never turn off