Do you listen to music while you play? if so what do you listen to?

I usually listen to drift phonk while I drive around but every here and there I listen to some filthy rave style drum and bass. Dnb just makes flying down the road in a touring car so much more fun. Drift phonk while I drift is nice because I can throw my headset on and tone out everything and focus on the game boosting my performance.

edit: spelling error due to buggy “m” key.

I do! The car’s engine is music to my ears!!

(Except for EVs :face_vomiting:)

Obviously i turn my music volume down a little so I can hear the engine over the mr.traumatik.

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Sidenote: For some reason I find it easier to bear repetition if a piece of music (not a song, because lack of singing) has no lyrics.

I actually just bought a pair of speakers just to listen to music while playing, Creative Pebble V3 as they have bluetooth so I can hook them up to phone while playing from the big screen while sitting comfy at the sofa.

And to answer what I listen, it varies alot, but mainly different metal genres (like black, death, industrial, folk …), some punk, pop, pretty much everything.

Favorite song from Forza series is Dorothy - Down To The Bottom from FH4

Actually, I mainly listen to classical music, if any.

I don’t listen to music that much but i suggest you listen to this music:
ford vs ferrari: chasing bandini