Do we need a podium for Rivals? Makes restarting races so slow.

Forgive me if this has been addressed already. I just got the game from Game Pass even though I’m a long time Forza fan I’ve mainly stuck to Horizon now so I’m just getting around to playing this game.

For Rivals some tracks take a whole 5 minutes or 8 minutes for A class Nurburgring so if you mess up or get a dirty time and want to restart the race you have to quit the race go to the track finish menu, hit restart or continue since they do the same exact thing which takes you to a loading screen, then you watch the podium ceremony… even though it’s a Rivals race so it’s funny seeing my character celebrate getting first place when no one else is there, then collect any credits you got, go back to the track menu then hit start race watch the starting lineup sequence again and finally get to race again. It’s such a long process. Some tracks if you get a dirty time somewhat near the finish line you start a new lap with a dirty time. I understand why they do this, some tracks you can go out of bounds to build up way more speed than the track normally allows giving you an unfair starting runaway on the next lap. But if you accidentally cut a corner on the last turn of the lap before the finish line you start the next race with a dirty time all the same so restarting has always been the faster option. I’ve always just restarted then hit reverse and build up the speed before starting the next lap time so I don’t have to do an entire lap just to get the faster start up on the next lap.

But in older Forza games hitting restart just brings you back to the starting lineup sequence then starting the race. Pretty sure that’s how it was done in FM4/5/6 I think. But in 7 you don’t get the option to restart the race until you quit out back to the track menu and go through a bunch of stuff. It might seem like a very nit picky complaint but for someone who’s trying to perfect a run to get into the top 100 lap times on the leaderboards you need to run the track multiple times to get that perfect run. This super long restart sequence feels like a chore. Maybe this can be corrected in Forza 8 as I’m pretty sure this is just how 7 will always be.

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I so agree with this request. This is an example of me scratching my head as to how the game goes through a testing phase without this being pointed out. Having a significant time involvement before a restart or even between races is completely unnecessary if the track has already loaded in to memory space. It should definitely be an option you can turn off or click through.

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Yeah I’d definitely be happy if I could turn off podiums for rivals. I can sort of understand the XP and credits screen but I wonder if maybe they got rid of podium for rivals or made it an option, then just take all the credits and XP you’ve earned and give it to you after hitting continue from finishing a race or quitting after a lap, it doesn’t have to give you the XP and credits on restart. If you hit restart it should just continue collecting your XP and credits like it would normally. Since incomplete laps don’t count towards credits and XP hitting restart quickly wont count that incomplete lap anyways, it really shouldn’t be an issue or throw a wrench in their design. I get podiums are mainly there for players to show off their driver suits which T10 put a lot of work into for custom suits but I think it’s safe to assume no one cares about podiums on rival races.

At the time FM7 was being developed, incremental rewards (like “You won!” and “Level up!” screens) were all the rage among video game designers. So were random prize boxes (which were a thing for the first year or two of FM7’s life). They were all supposed to act as a treadmill to keep you playing. “Ooh, I need 15 more ForzaPoints to get my next Driver Level! I’d better run another race right now rather than going to work or interacting with my kids or whatever pointless real life garbage I’m supposed to be doing instead!”.

Personally I Kefka-hate the whole design approach. It demolishes any sort of gameplay continuity, and bogs down what should otherwise be a fluid experience (ex: restarting a race) with a bunch of pointless fluff and fanfare. Behavioral psychologists can argue that people respond positively to systems like this all they want; they obviously never studied my behavior (or my blood pressure) when they were doing their research.

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Yeah just be glad they didn’t add emotes and dances as rewards when you level up and make the rewards random wheel spins like they did in Horizon. The “fun” design aspects that’s suppose to somehow give the game some charm just ends up making it feel silly. This isn’t Fortnite and I never want it to become that. This is a racing sim and I’m desperately trying to get into the top 100 with my own custom tune to promote/advertise my tunes, but the slog of restarting races and going through a bunch of nonsense is really trying my patients.

I love the reward system where you get discounts on cars, money or driver suits and the game lets you actually pick your reward rather than it being random. I can’t praise that enough when random reward systems are really infecting games, but when it adds to the time it takes restart races that’s where I get a little annoyed.

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