Do people actually LIKE Eliminator?!

I’m playing Eliminator for the exclusive cars and I can say with certainty that, if it weren’t for those exclusive cars, I wouldn’t touch this mode with a 10-foot pole.

My experience with this mode is as follows:

80% tedious, aimless wandering
10% getting stuck on rocks and trees
9% head-to-head races that are over before they start
1% anything remotely enjoyable

The only think it offers me that I can’t get out of Horizon Solo is the arena mechanic, which doesn’t even factor into anything most of the time. The arena is so vast that you have to try to venture outside of it. Throw in the obnoxiously loud announcer trying way too hard to convince me that this is exciting and you’ve got a mode that not only isn’t fun, it’s anti-fun. A session of Eliminator actually makes it harder to enjoy other things afterwards. Play Eliminator and buy Zoloft.

I hated this mode. Hated hated hated hated hated this mode. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant player-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the players by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it.


same here

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I played it to get the achievements and cars, etc. like yourself and many others I’m sure. I started to get better at it and found myself enjoying it. Helped me get better at free roam races (which I do enjoy) - managing cars over terrain, avoiding obstacles and knowing the map in more detail. All that said… the fact that I haven’t played it since getting the achievements probably says it all…

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Exactly. That’s the main problem, I started to hate it because of cars and achievements. Without I would maybe play it more. I haven’t played after last achievement too. It was badly designed to lock something behind it. Concept is definitely not bad but it needs some tuning and locking nothing behind it.

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Of all the pathetic childish playground-stuff stuffed in to this game I found The eliminator to be at least playable for what it is; a game

I like it now that the reset time is fixed.


Calm down, you’ll burst a blood vessel! LOL

I was like that when I first started playing it…absolutlely hated it.

But then after a while I started to enjoy it more.

This was probably as I’d completed everything and collected every single car in the game and completed all the achievements and Horizon Life tiles (apart from a couple of online racing/drifting ones) and had noithing more to complete and I hate regular online racing.

Be sure to choose a starting point with plenty of potential car drops like the airstrip or the ‘S’ bends or near the Fortune Island marker.

When challenging someone to a H2H, you’ve just got to get to know where the arena boundry is and make sure you aren’t heading towards it otherwise the finish line will always behind you , putting you at massive disadvantage.

Once you get used to the game mode, you kinda get to know where the finish line is probably gonna be for H2Hs and also the final race.

Yes it’s infurating when someone beats you in a vehicle a few levels lower, but it happens.

I never challenge anyone to a H2H if we are both in the starter Mini as the max reward is a level 2 car and not worth the time spent to get it.

If someone challenges me to a H2H when we are both in the Mini, I just quit and search for a new session of The Eliminator.

Personally, I only drive around until the first arena shrink is complete and if I haven’t found at least a level 5/6 car by that time, I quit and start again.

Always quit night races as I like to be able to see where I’m driving and trees and walls are easy enough to hit in the day time without the hinderance of darkness.

Never collect a level 2 or 3 car as those wasted crucial seconds for the animation to complete may be what makes you miss out on a higher level vehicle later in the game.

If I’m heading the wrong way when challenged to a H2H or when the final race starts, I quit, unless in a level 9 or level 10 vehicle.

Out of 1545 games and 820 final races completed, I’ve so far managed to win 320 races.

There was a guy DaReoCharmer IIRC on here a while back that had over 2000 wins, but that was early last year, so gawd only knows what he’s up to now if still playing FH4

The biggest problem at the moment though is the FH4 servers for The Eliminator must be toast as I’ve not been able to find a session all day.

As for hating FH4 features, try the “Horizon Super7”! Now that is godawful and a total mind numbing grind.


I definitely stopped playing it months ago, July 1st 2020 lol, there was nothing left for me to gain. I didnt even attempt the Super 7 mess.

My final tally is 2303 wins, 3603 finals, 48793 miles driven and 1107 hours I played 3729 games. So yeah I reached the final 97% of the time and 65% chance of winning said final.


Yeah I like eliminator but, they need 2 fix the disconnection issues… I have a great internet connection…

I grinded eliminator purely for the rewards and achievements. Didn’t enjoy a single second of it and the thought of playing it again hasn’t crossed my mind once.


It sucks less than Super 7.


Its extremely luck based which kills the fun for me.

When it came out I could win almost every time so it’s not completely luck based. It has strategies to it, and driving skills.


I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I can start wherever I want.

I can go wherever I want.

I can venture off-road if I want.

I can stick to the roads if I want.

I can engage and race if I want.

I can run and hide if I want.

I can upgrade my car from the drop if I want.

I can steal my defeated opponent’s car if I want.

I can always keep my current car otherwise if I want.

And whether I win it all or get eliminated along the way, I still get the influence for time-spent otherwise, each time getting closer to the next reward car (all of which I collected long ago). For me, achievements and rewards like exclusive cars not available anywhere else in the game outside of finding something second-hand not already sniped at the auction is highly motivating. I am puzzled why anyone would be put off from a game mode because the were rewarded somehow for playing. :man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t play as often anymore, but when I do, the lobby always starts with 30-50 other players. While I’m not necessarily going to encounter all of those people, by contrast most regular FFA lobbies I find only have half a dozen, usually lower-prestige players racing (and by “players,” I mean ramming, slamming, force-their-own-mother-into-missing-a checkpoint pieces of trash).

It’s true, there is a degree of luck with the drops (when you can find a drop), but the elements of luck/chance is what makes a game a “game.” Measuring skill alone is just a “test” (not that there’s anything wrong with tests of skill). The spirit of this mode of the game is a little bit ‘Hide and Seek,’ a little bit “Tag, You’re It,” and how scrappy you can be between the two.


I tolerated it for new cars and card completion, like now with Super 7.
Only difference being, that you decide on playing Eliminator from one icon or menu, not super annoying Super 7 spamming and trolling icons that can’t be turned off.


It was alright when I played it, nothing more, ended up having to win several times in the Mini before the achievement for winning without car drops popped and survive until the final showdown even more times before that one did but that’s about the only personal gripe that’s stuck with me about it.

Now it’s been around for some time I think the only true negative is something that really won’t bother most players, the fact it never took off like PG clearly wanted it to pre-release.

I don’t usually say this but… MAD CAUSE BAD

if you happen to get caught in a potential h2h and you are driving in the wrong direction and they have a ton of speed on their side try to crash head on to them. now you both are starting the h2h on equal grounds. if you miss them then nothing lost just search a new lobby.

Yeah, Eliminator is pretty garbage. Not the quality of it, but in the vein of “did we REALLY need this?” Adding a literal battle royale mode (to a DRIVING game especially) really drives the point home that Forza Horizon 4 wasn’t sanitizing itself for a low ESRB rating, but to appeal to whiny, screaming fortnite-obsessed children. Why do you think this game has emotes and clothing, along with a completely pointless colored rarity scale now? I constantly forget the Eliminator exists and hope future titles shed it’s blatantly-childlike appeal.


This is very much how I feel as well. In a nutshell, it feels like Forza changed its target audience midstream. FH1 was plenty popular and a very good game without all the silliness or blindly chasing industry trends. Which is exactly what Eliminator is, a blatant effort to shoehorn a trendy game mode into a game where it really doesn’t make sense. To give the devs credit, they actually did quite a good job with what they had to work with.

Like others in here I did my time in the Eliminator for the cars and haven’t looked back. I think the mode was actually hurt by locking cars behind it, since players now feel compelled to play the game mode to get the cars and get burned out and resent it as a tedious job they have to do to get the cars, rather than a fun experience in its own right.

It doesn’t help that the mode doesn’t let you use your own cars, and that the dev-provided tunes are generally terrible. If players could put their own cars into drop slots based on PI (that could then be stolen by other players) I think it would have given the mode a lot more life, as now players would be incentivized to experiment with different tunes and vehicles for the different drops.

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