Do people actually enjoy the off road racing stuff? (Not dirt roads)

Because I cannot stand it, its the least fun thing I’ve ever done in a driving/racing game, every time you hit a jump, the car shoots off in a random direction when you land, water flings you off in random directions, making you checkpoints as a result, all while the drivatar other team rides on rails essentially. As a result basically one wrong landing (Landing perfectly straight doesn’t even matter) and you’re basically done.

This inevitably leads to my team mate players quitting the game, making some of the seasonal series stuff even more frustrating to complete, because I wind up in there in these terrible races, alone with no hope of completing the event.


HARD YES!!! LOOOOVE OFFROAD BUGGIES AND TROPHY TRUCKS. ALL OF IT!!! I am actually building a 1968 baja bug in my garage. So yes yes and I am so glad of how more open horizon has become. I would love to see germany on the map one day. Adding all of Germany’s exclusive historical cars.

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I really enjoy it but the cars and the type of event have to be suitable, rally cars and dirt racing alot of fun but rally cars and cross-country is a big no no with me. The trail for this week is just that add in the unbeatable Ai, I know what its going to be like, so I’ve not even attempted it. That combination is just a middle finger to us players from the devs.


I like it in theory, but it’s not executed very well, and it’s mainly down to three points. First, if you have the option turned on, racing with simulation damage is impossible since the unrealistic drops total the player’s vehicle in an instant. Second, it is way too easy to farm skill points. And third, the already broken AI is even more broken since they phase through objects and are modified in ways unachievable by upgrades and tunes available to the player. They would be a lot better if the courses were more realistic, breakables were removed from the track, and the AI was balanced better. Also, I know these events are sometimes called cross country racing in real life, but I would like to see these events be rebranded as rally raids. Feels more mature, and less like middle school PE.


I really love the Cross-country races myself. Jumps, especially the big ones, just takes a bit of practice to master the landing. I generally let off the gas just before launch and throttle it down to the landing, getting back full on the gas just before landing. And try to never be turning the front wheels on landing as this will always send you off in the wrong direction.
Water is only an issue if I have my vehicle height to low, which never really happens in CC since it’s always max height.
Oh, and I always use Baja type trucks. My favorite being the Honda Baja Trophy Truck. I have one in both A and S1 class.

I enjoy it in certain vehicles. Usually ones that are pretty stable off road.

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As others have mentioned, it’s only as good as the car you choose for it. This thread is an obvious response to the current Trial which has a double whammy of S1 rally monsters, which has you not only racing cars with a profile barely suitable for huge off-road jumps, but are also faster than the default Cross Country courses are intended for. I think one or two seasons ago we had S1 Extreme Offroad for a seasonal as well which was better but still clearly way faster than what the courses were designed for, making for a less than ideal experience.

Cross-country can be a lot of fun, but it’s at it’s peak in A-class with an appropriate offroad/SUV/buggy class vehicle. Using another car class or type might not necessarily break it but it does make it more frustrating than it needs to be.

This is more or less about the trial, so I’d say all this more or less fits into:

Though the routes were pretty basic I enjoyed it a lot more in FH2, other than the Trial then unless it’s had a new reward as the prize I can’t actually remember the last time I bothered with a CC championship in FH4.

Don’t mind racing on cross country tracks, but hate freeroam rush as a multiplayer event. Ruined online racing for me.

I share your frustration with the cross country events. In theory I like offroad racing, but the way Horizon has implemented it is just bad, and has gotten worse over time as the devs have put more and more ridiculous unnecessary jumps and wreckage on the routes. Combine that with tons of cheating behavior from the AI in this discipline (jump assist so they can take jumps perfectly, and they’re not slowed down as much as the player by wreckage/water in addition to their usual abilities to ignore physics to stay on the racing line), and frequent awful vehicle class/division restrictions for the weekly challenges and like the OP said, you have a recipe for very much un-fun events.

The few times I have enjoyed cross country are with A class or lower purpose built vehicles and routes that minimize the jump and wreckage insanity.

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I’m ok with it outside sometimes. Most of my problems with it when it comes to the trial is the way the CPU cheats. Getting a grip buff, phasing through objects, teleporting, getting checkpoints even though they were in a different area code, etc.

Unbeatable AI + Cross Country is infuriating. I don’t mind losing, but I hate getting cheated.

I also hate it when it comes up in online adventure. Freeroam Rush is terrible. Make it its own game mode and never, ever lump it in with racing, of any kind.

However in the wide open world I appreciate it. I don’t play it often, but that’s the beauty of Horizon. I always have the choice. It’s such a cool feeling to one second be rampaging through the coutryside in b class RWD buggys and then in the next race be racing S2 hypercars on the road.

Off road racing really depends on the class for me.
Up to B800 its fine. Above that its just not controllable anymore. You spend to much time in the air, and between all that air time you often just have a split second ground contact to allign for the next jump. And if that allignment isn’t perfect, you turn 180° while in the air and land outside the race track.
I think last week we had an extrem offroad A900, and after rewinding that one extra long jump 50 times I gave up and turned the difficulty down to ‘professional’.
Its really: steer 1° too far left and the cars spins left and can’t be recovered, steer 1° too far right and the car flips over.

Obviously it gets even worse, if you try that with anything but ‘extrem offroad’ or ‘offroad buggy’ since everything else isn’t build to handle tracks like that.

And no, I didn’t even try this weeks trial. I hardly bother with these anyway.

I personally think they are the best races in the game, except when you try and combine them with rally cars or Trucks.
Most of what people here are complaining about can be over come in the game, like jumps. I generally let off the throttle just before the launch and wait until just before I land to get on it again, and never turn your wheels until after you land.
Free roam rush is great, just learn to drive and it’s no different than any other race.
Jumps with Sim damage on, duh!!!? You drop any vehicle 600+ feet and it’s not going to drive after it. Even Hollywood stunt cars require several of the same type because suspensions get destroyed on jumps. You are simulating real life, it’s gonna break. My personal favorite Offroad vehicle is a Honda Trophy Truck, in both A and S1 class.


I love Cross Country. In fact it is the only event I will play in online racing. I have specific vehicles tuned to my liking and (while I’m not very good) I love the challenge.

I love it when the trial is Cross Country.

I also love Freeroam Rush. I have learned many of the routes now and can usually do quite well.


I hate jumping cars in general and constandly crashing through fences or walls is stupid… That’s not racing, thats destruction.

Since we got the option to select type and class in online adventure I never touched rally, cc or freeroam at all. I wouldn’t be mad if it was gone in the next FH game.

Exactly. Thats why games like wreckfest exist. This is a racing game, and crashing with something and losing control over a jump almost makes you lose the race in many many many situations. Its ridiculous. Because you know you just dont have enough time after that to catch up with the overpowered AI. In wreckfest you crash with everything and you still know that you can catch the AI because they also crash with things, or make mistakes when racing… so you have chances…

Why the devs cant see the difference between a RACING game and a DESTRUCTION derby game? i dont get it. And i dont think i ever will… since they doesnt seem to be concerned about actually improving the game.

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No, I don’t enjoy it. Especially not the prefabricated races in game. They’re all extremely unrealistic and made without any effort. Which is the case for 99.9% of festival and ingame races in general in my opinion. Basically every race you’ve to do to advance, get festival/season points or win a car seems to be an unpleasant grind. No matter what it’s either the track layout, the environmental conditions or something car related like not matching types and/or classes (often a combination of these things) that make it an awful experience.

This could be different (as in much better) as some of the user created content clearly shows.

Sidenote: Yes, I also hate this uncontrollably veering off of vehicles especially after jumps or water as there seems to be absolutely nothing you can do about it. It actually feels like it’s scripted.

I did eventually get a team to stick around and we won. Glad its over.

I like racing to be mixed types of events overall the way it is now. I wouldn’t like to see a race type removed from the game. Some of the comments are not right anyway, for example the Ai do not do perfect jumps, I nearly always overtake Ai in a jump. In fact jumps are one of the few places where you can guarantee catching up with the other cars.

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