Do all cars pit for the same duration in forza 6 quick stop?

It seems to me that sometimes some of the cars seem to pit a bit shorter than me. Is it my imagination or is there an algorithm that determines pit duration?

you might have used more fuel or caused more tire wear


Before the NASCAR pack those two things along with amount of damage would affect the pit time - if you brought up the last telemetry screen showing damage you could watch the percentages change slowly and when they reached 0 or 100 depending on what it was you’d then exit. The more the percentage had to be filled (or lowered) the longer the stop.

Now it seems like its a fixed pit time irrespective of damage or refuelling necessary - at least by the testing done by myself and friends a few days ago, a pitstop after 1 lap (with no damage, negligible fuel/tyre wear) took identical time to a pitstop after 24 laps (with some damage, very worn tyres and barely any fuel left)

Can’t really see anything useful but dark grey during pitstops now which makes the telemetry screens inaccessible and useless which is a shame. Shows that the design dept doesn’t contain anyone serious about racing… there could be tabs on this large dark grey pitstop abyss, changeable with the D-pad, one showing a bigger leaderboard and others for telemetry screens, as that stuff matters more than my distance to exit and a dot with no name zooming past other dots along a line, but no. You cant even tell what lap anyone is on or laptimes ppl are running during the 31 seconds staring at a dark grey screen

PS - dont bring up the pause menu during a pitstop, to say quickly look at the leaderboard, it has the magical ability to freeze your pitstop progress for as long as you leave it open

Thanks. Ok at least it was not my imagination. So it tries to mimic repairs. So if I had a crash I would pit longer than some who did not? I was just in a race where I pitted third but came out fourth. I dont think i had any damage, but tires and gas probably used a lot. Have you any advice on pitting strategy? It seems based on this that it would always be best to pit in the first lap where damage, gas, and tire wear would be minimized. What do you think?

I had a play with his last night.

First few races I would pit immediately to try and get it out of the way. Every single race i get t-boned in the initial pile up and end up in the last 3 (it was a 20+) lobby. I thought I could make some time up and others would drop back positions as they pitted and I would climb steadily as the laps passed. But his never happened and stayed 16-20th with all the crashers who just won’t let you past.

After a while I decided that I would pit late and just race as hard and safe as I could, and pass as many ppl as i could. This got me in front of all those who shot off the end of corners, or got wiped out. I tried to gain a time advantage then pit at the end (lap 3 of 4 was best) and see what I’d ‘banked’. I would pit in the top 5 a lot of times. This would usually place me in he top 10 to finish and always top 12. The more laps there were the best this worked.

Perhaps it was just that lobby. But I will try the same tonight.

The way the AI handles multiple cars entering the pit lane at the same time can affect the length of the pit stop. Even though all the cars are ghosted out they seem to be trying to avoid each other.

Twice I’ve pitted on the same lap as a car about 200 or 300ft behind me but come out behind them because my car did some weird stop-start shuffle trying to avoid another car in the pit lane. I’ve also gained a place in the same way.

My theory is that T10 tried to get pitting to look great and realistic (without ghosting) for the launch of the NASCAR dlc but couldn’t get it to work well when many cars were pitting simultaneously, so in the end they had to hide all the dodgy behavior behind a massively intrusive new info screen.


Yeah, I was chasing another car last night and he tried to pit but buried himself into the tyre wall at the pit entrance, much to my delight. I sped past and the ai took over. But even after his shuffling and reversing he still came out in front of me by half a car length.

I have saw people and did it myself once or twice where cars will just drive through and not stop! When I did it though I did not get tires, fuel, or repairs. The only thing is I have no idea how it happened though. And I passed a guy at Daytona yesterday before entering pit road and then he passed me on the way back out.

I also know that it will take 26 seconds at Daytona to pit and get back out on the track. No matter if you pit with a near full tank and no damage. Or damaged and a empty tank. Also it shouldn’t make any difference on tire wear in relation to pit times. Because it still takes the same time to change a fresh tire as it does for a worn tire.

The only thing that would cause a tire change to be slower is flat tire. I am speaking about Nascar though. Because they use a standard type jack and not a auto air jacking system. The reason it will take longer in Nascar is because a lot of time the car will be too low for the jack to fit under the car and the crew actually has to push up on the side of the car to get it high enough for the jack to fit under the car.

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I run in a Nascar league with a group of friends, and can confirm that if you enter the pits going too fast and your pit stall is at the beginning of pit road, your car will drive past it, down pit road, and back out on the track. You won’t get fuel, tires, etc as you never actually stop…yet it’ll count as a “quick stop” if they are enabled.

So, if you want tires / fuel/ damage repair, slow down before entering pit road.

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You’ve encountered Forza bug #646443886 (NOTE: not a real bug number, i don’t think t10 track bugs publicly cause the game has none right? cough)

This only works on certain tracks but if you enter the pit lane at high speed, AND your pit stall is one of the first few in the lane… the car can’t slow down quick enough to pull into the stall so it just drives on through.

You don’t get new tyres or fuel (which neither matter for all the public lobbies, even the so called single endurance one) but it counts as a quick stop and gives you a 15-25 second advantage per quick stop.

I like to call them “quickwin stops” cause they pretty much guarentee you a quick win if you’re a decent driver.

I don’t like them though and wish this bug was squashed, along with the 646443885 other ones nobody talks about… cause they don’t exist, least not in the eyes of fanbois and the developers :slight_smile:

PS - hi developers, thanks for finally fixing and bringing back lemans full and old mulsanne to multiplayer though, it’s a breath of fresh air racing them again

Could be the speed at which you enter the pits too, often I’ve seen cars do some weird sort of weaving all the way down to their section. This is caused by excessive speed and the angle they enter the pits at. I always slow down just before I enter to the make the transition from player - AI control a bit smoother.

Pretty sure it’s just AI being weird.

I followed TheConnorWagner into the pits at Daytona in the GT league tonight. We were 1st and 2nd so so there was no one else in the pits, and it’s a wide entrance which we both hit flat out. I was about 100ft behind him when we went in but I stopped in the pit right in front of him, and his car seemed to freak out slightly when it went to pull out, with the result that he came out behind me.

Luckily for him I completely forgot that the pit exits straight onto T1 on the infield and got straight back past me.

The same thing happened to me last night. One stop I got hosed and one stop I really extended my lead.