Car can't pit correctly?

Sometimes when I pit my car it will begin wobbling and smashing itself into the barrier while going into its stop. I’ve noticed that I lose at least a second to anyone else also pitting. I’ve found this to happen mainly when driving my porsche gt1. Is there a fix for this or is the vehicle suppose to try to tear its front tyre off preemptively for the pit stop?

are you entering the pit at full speed ?

Pretty much. If I’m in a battle or trying to make a run on someone I try to get every last millisecond I can. I do this every time I pit however, since none of the pit stops I’ve seen are located in a braking zone .

This is most noticeable on indy alternative. I have found pitting as close to the wall on the right fixes this issue for indy and it may work for other tracks.

It’s been like that since the update that included all the pit stuff. Not only does your car get in a mess after entry to the pit causing time to be lost there is also a signifcant difference in pit time when entering the pit together. This can be put down to damage resulting in a longer pit but I have a sneaky feeling that the cars them self’s may be what’s causing it. Even non damage races can result in someone leaving the bit before you.

T10 conveniently put a big black bar across all the telemetry so we can’t see how bad it is but it is bad and they know it

I’ve seen this on loads of tracks and it doesn’t seem to make any difference whether you go in flat-out or let off or brake.

Try my solution for indy alt it works everytime