We need support for all this features, it’s very important to people without powerful graphic cards, also the use of VRAM in games are limited to certain quantity of GB.

PD: It would be interesting to be able to turn on the light in the driver’s cabin, that both mirrors can be seen on ultrawide 21:9 monitors, that the implementation of the decals on pc be improved, that the drops of water when they hit the windshield

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Yes please! I have an RTX 3080 Ti, so I don’t really struggle with performance, but I would love to have DLSS support to have better anti-aliasing as the MSAA and temporal solutions aren’t great.

Fsr is available to devs on the series consoles.

Would be a great feature for series s.

Assuming the 4k60 is legit on series X, not sure what extra benefit it would provide

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Now that Nvidia has just announced the new DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction for rtx 40 graphics cards, this addition would be great after the release of forza motorsport.
However, if the absence of Nvidia DLSS 3 was noted in the PC article (this technology already exists in FH5)
Really if it would be necessary to implement DLSS 3 + frame generation to increase performance up to x2 times, achieve high frame rates per second and better graphic and image quality.
And last but not least the mention of DLAA and NVIDIA Reflex was missing, DLAA is an expensive image solution but it would be great to add it for FM as it would avoid major sawtooth and better image quality too.

This is just a suggestion, I hope you will take it into consideration, thank you.

Dlss & fsr have both been confirmed recently.

However, I disagree regarding fsr being the ‘best’ choice. More recently, XeSS has been proven multiple times to offer better temporal image stability/ quality compared to fsr (not only on native Intel Arc xmx path, since those tests were usually done on nvidia cards for convenience & to directly compare to dlss as well as reference…

Just look at Forza horizon 5 for example, cyberpunk, or remnant 2 and similar, where even amd users - running XeSS on non-native path via dp4a - say it’s just better than fsr regarding visuals, with similar performance/ neglectable loss in favor of temporal quality / less artifacting…

Also - although it sometimes could be done for fsr as well perhaps - upgrading to new versions of XeSS has always been easy for the user when ever theres a new release but no game update available, since you just need to swap a few dll files. ( since 1.2 its even one file only, and backwards compatible)

So, please confirm if we really ‘only’ get dlss & fsr,

Or if there will be XeSS as well.

Its always nice to have a choice, especially if there’s a chance it might even be the better one…

And if its fsr only for intel cards, at least make sure its not completely broken as fsr in fh5 (which luckily has XeSS as well)

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Ray reconstruction introduced in DLSS 3.5 is actually supported across RTX 20, 30 and 40 series, but I agree; it allows for significantly higher quality ray tracing without incurring a performance penalty.


Why bother???
XSX has 52 CU’s equalling 3328 stream processors running at 1.825MHz.
3328 x 2 = 6656, 6656 x 1825 = 12.147TFlops of raw compute power.
Equivalent GPU?
6800 has 60CU’s equalling 3840 stream processors running at upto 2105MHz.
3840 x 2 = 7680, 7680 x 2105 = 16.167TFlops of raw compute power.
2080Ti has 4353 Cuda cores running at a boost speed of 1545MHz
4352 x 2 = 8704, 8704 x 1545 = 13.447TFlops of raw compute power.

XSX can’t do 4K 60fps WITHOUT the use of FSR performance mode, switch to quality mode and you get just 30fps @4K.
It’ll drop the rendering and gfx settings on the fly to maintain the targeted fps rates dropping to 1600p and dropping GFX settings as needed to keep the fps stable at either 60 or 30 fps.
FSR and DLSS also DOUBLES input latency, slowing reaction times and increasing the time between controller input and what you see on screen.

XSX in performance and quality modes in FH5

ACTUAL console FPS rates recorded by Digital Foundry including rendering FACTS.

6800 without FSR at ULTRA settings… 53.1 minimum 80.8 max

2080Ti @4K Extreme settings DLSS off… min 62.8 fps max 81.7fps

FYI a 2080Ti can be had for £185 on Ebay. 5700X £155 on Ebay 16GB DDR4 RAM £10 and up, B350 motherboard £30 and up. Add a case PSU and SSD for less than £100 EASILY grand total? £480…
XSX price? £480 new…
So for LESS than the price of the console you can get PC parts that are 2-7 YEARS old and will SPANK the XSX by upto 30% and NOT require upscaling to do so.
Console fans need to get their heads out of the clouds and deal in FACTS not hearsay and misconceptions!
In short a 7 year old GPU, 2 year old CPU, RAM, case and PSU costing the same as the XSX would new yet can ROFLSTOMP the XSX with no FSR which console fans INSIST on referring to as “optimisation”!

To utterly END the debate on PC vs XSX? here’s a 61TFlop 7900XTX with 7800X3D

7900XTX ~£1000
7800X3D ~£370
B650 Mobo ~£130
DDR5 RAM ~£60+
850W PSU ~£0-60+
PC case salvage ~£0-30
1TB NVE SSD £0-36+
Total £1686 or £1560 if you HAVE the PSU case and an NVME to hand
3.25X the cost of your precious console and upto 192 fps @ 4K Extreme preset and no FSR, guess what? that’s 3.2X the fps rate!

You get what you pay for and you console fans are getting ROBBED AND LIED to but refuse to admit it!

I have no idea why they chose to use a DLSS version that’s now over 2 years old instead of a DLSS version that’s 1 year old and support frame generation, like many games did before this one. It’s even in Forza Horizon 5, which made the game that much more enjoyable for me because it removed all the stutters I had.

By rendering the game at 60fps in multiplayer, players could also enjoy a higher framerate without it impacting the game physics engine too much to gain a ‘competitive edge’.

DLSS 3.5 support would make this game A LOT better in my honest opinion. And I’m left with an extremely bitter taste in my mouth until this is finally added.


I am here to request the addition of both DLSS3 Frame generation, and FSR3 frame generation. Both are performance multipliers that work especially well for CPU bound scenarios, often multiplying your framerate by two times when CPU bound. Both would be easy to implement, work on a mirad of hardware, and improve performance.

Yeah it makes 0 sense that the last game has it but this one doesn’t I really hope they implement this or I’m just gonna go back to the better game lol.

without dlss 3 and f.g it has too poor performance, with a 4080 and 13xxxxx cpu I get around 80 FPS in 2K.


I’m looking forward to TURN10 adding DLSS3.5 to FM2023. Realistic racing games have always been the gems of top graphics, frame generation can fully optimize FPS, lighting AI reconstruction can reduce the cost of light pursuit, and get higher quality graphics under the same configuration. Looking forward to it! This game is already one of the best simulation racing games on the market, and I hope TURN10 can make it even better.


Please add FSR3 support.


Adding DLSS 3.5 would allow frame-gen and ray-reconstruct. Both would greatly increase performance and the visual experience.

I agree. This needs some attention.

Please add FSR 3!!1

Yeah we definitely need FSR 3 especially with the terrible performance on PC, especially on high resolutions. Wish this would get more votes…

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I would also like to see an implementation of frame generation, would be nice if the developers could at least comment on your post - have they done so elsewhere maybe?

Devs don’t comment on anything here

I agree. FSR 3 can help even completely unoptimized trash get to playable FPS levels.