DLC question

Hey everyone, just a quick question:
there are 2 accounts on my Xbox, one for me and one for my girlfriend. I bought the season pass and, after the appropriate announcement, all the DLC that I had purchased became free (in terms of in-game credits) in game on both accounts, but since then all the newer DLC that has been released is no longer free on her account. She can buy the cars to put them into her garage, but I don’t have to to use in game credits and she does. So right now she can get like half of the DLC without using in game credits, and the for the other half she has to pay… It’s not really a big deal, just strange that it isn’t really consistent throughout all of the DLC packs. Should the cars be free on both accounts, or are they only supposed to be free on the account which purchased the DLC?

Odd. I have the same thing with my wife and her’s are all free. I’ve added her as ‘family,’ on the xbox. That may be the difference?

hmm maybe I’ll try this, just to see. It’s bizarre; it was like the first DLC after the announcement that cars no longer cost in game credits took 3 or so days before they were free on here account and then they just stopped becoming free. do you happen to know where I could adjust whether or not she’s family?

You can also do it by downloading a friends gamertage, setting it to there main console, then they can just download there GT back and hey presto you have all the DLC but you have to pay for cars