Discover Mexico - Ride And Seek Achievement

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

Here we are again, new Horizon, new country/location, new roads, and more roads, and yet more roads. So many roads.

But fear not, for I, your intrepid explorer, as in every previous Horizon game, have taken the red-eye flight to our destination a few days early in order to find and drive every road on the map.

Yes, every single last one of them. All 578 to be exact.

A few things to note and tips for your journey of discovery:

  • The achievement popped for me at 577/578 (per stats) but then updated to 578/578 an hour or so later.
  • The map is larger than any previous map so it’s going to take some exploring. Be patient and enjoy the fantastic scenery.
  • Removing all icons from the game map will make it easier to spot areas left to explore.
  • The mini-map in the HUD is your friend, use it to really narrow the focus and get the little bits.
  • Don’t assume a road is discovered/driven if you’re not sure. Go make sure and make sure you get the ends.
  • Look carefully for little pigtails like short connecting paths and driveways and make sure you drive the full length of them.
  • Tunnels - drive every inch of them. as they’re hard to spot with roads over them on the surface.

“It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Volcano)”


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Okay I have found all the roads and I have 15 boards left to complete that task but these boards are in some very wild places. People will have to creative to reach them!


You get the achievement at 573/578 (not sure why) but I kept going and got all 578! :slight_smile:


That is correct and you get a nice emote when you actually do find all 578 :muscle::muscle:

I was waiting for this - glad to see you’ve done it again Hieronymus!

I’ve been looking at the map and I can’t find the last road.
Does anyone got ALL of the 578 roads?

EDIT: Just reduce the brightness in game. It’s impossible to find without doing that.

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all roads accounted for

double check al the areas that have overlapping roads, esp the dirt roads and the little city

there is a few driveways that are roads too … check the map and drive up those driveways

Same problem here, i got 577 so far

I was stuck on 577 myself. Try looking at the highway just above the word CORDILLERA. You see the diamond of off ramps that surround the highway. My missing road was the bottom left off ramp of the diamond. Just a little tiny corner where it connected to the highway was missing. I remembered driving that road and it not counting up and I went down it twice to make sure. At the end when I came up one short I looked to there immediately and it looked a little funny (unconnected). So I went there and hugged the shoulder of the ramp to make it register. Its just one possibility.

another forza horizon game, dealing with this problem again, yay

577/578, achievement is unlocked but accolade is still locked. been scouring the map with labels turned off on my 65’’ tv to look for any road I missed, but none are apparent. I have been fast traveling to retrace every ramp, rotary, dead end, etc but no luck so far. Hoping to hear any suggestions for where to look.

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I think it’s best to focus on tunnels when any road is missing.

577/578 (no achievement pop…)
i swear i have driven every road, i have collected all boards, i am in the hall of fame thing now, ive played this game for way too many hours, and can not find the missing road. this is so frustrating. I have also beat all the story missions, only have a very few races left i have not completed…

Yo guys. I am from Russia, to write this message I will use a google translator. Hope you can understand the meaning.

  1. Reduce the brightness in the game settings to a minimum!
  2. Take a close look at the map, especially exits, bridges and passages under bridges. Pay attention to the tunnels!
  3. I found the 578 road in “Guanajuato” on the map, I missed one short tunnel there. (Tunnels are indicated by a dotted line on the map).
  4. Anything that you did not find, you will definitely notice on the map! There is no need to go back to the routes you have already visited! Look carefully at the map at maximum magnification with minimum game brightness.

Mine ended up being on the far top right of the map, the off road dotted line on the beach, one section in the middle missing. good luck on the hunt everyone.


No way that actually was what I was missing. I looked at that road like 15 times too and never saw it.

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Thank you! I had gone over the map twice and couldn’t find the missing piece. Checked that section of road and sure enough there was one spot in the middle that I missed. I was pretty dilligent when driving the dotted trails, due to this exact issue in past games, but apparently not dilligent enough.

That top right beach section has been mentioned in a few places as one some people have missed. I agree with the poster above though - studying the map is the way to find any missed roads and make sure you zoom in if you aren’t totally sure that any (particularly the dotted lined ones) are complete.


Toggled everything off, put it on big screen, do not see anything to reduce brightness in video settings, checked and went down all tunnels and roads above the tunnels we spent together several hours looking for this last road it is driving us nuts

if unsearched roads was a different bright color instead of faded would be easier to find or even if a road is searched a certain percent is doen would help

for me there is a road south of Ek’ Balam but even though I’m driving on it, the game doesn’t want me to pass it