Disc Drive Replacement

Anyone have experience with replacing a disc drive on an Xbox One? I have a day one edition console and my disc drive is dying. It takes 5-10 tries every time I insert a game for the Xbox to recognize that a disc has been inserted, and about half the time when it does recognize the disc it makes a loud noise as it is spinning, like the disc is rubbing against something, but I don’t see any damage on the disc.

I pulled the disc drive out last night and opened it up and didn’t see anything wrong with it and it didn’t look dirty. Looking online it looks like you can get a new drive for about $30, https://www.newegg.com/p...qpqgNXkilRoCeUMQAvD_BwE

I am capable of replacing the drive myself I just want to make sure that putting a new drive in my Xbox isn’t going to brick the console. I don’t really want to buy a used console as mine is in perfect shape other than the disc drive and don’t see the point of buying a $400 One X with Scarlett coming out next year with full backwards compatibility.

Mods if this is against TOS/forum rules fell free to remove this, I am not trying to mod the console or anything I just want to replace the disc drive.

Just completed the repair. I used this disc drive off of Amazon and this Youtube video (no affiliation to either) and my Xbox works again.

The daughter board in the disc drive is married to the mother board in the Xbox, so to replace the disc drive you need to swap the board in the disc drive that came with the Xbox over to your new disc drive. This involves unplugging 3 ribbons from the board and soldering 2 wires (depending on what you read it may be possible to do the repair without soldering). The whole repair took me about an hour from unplugging the Xbox from the TV to having the disc drive replaced and playing a game again.