Game Disk Replacement- does it affect the Game Save?

Unfortunately, like Many Ultimate Edition Owners for this Game, I have been hit with the Curse of the Steelbook, that Ultra Tight and Completely Inflexible Spindle in the Box has Put a “Crack” in the Disc Centre.

The Game Disc is still Working, and I have Transferred it to a Spare Plastic DVD Box, so Hopefully the Crack wont get worse, But I am thinking of Replacing the Disc as I have found some Cheap “New Old Stock” Copies of the Standard Edition at a local Gaming Store.

My Worry is, that, on the Xbox 360, if You started Using another Disk for a Game You owned, (say, Project Gotham Racing 3 as Example) instead of the Original Disc, You Lost the Game Save due to how that Console Operated!

Due to Horizon 4 being “Games as a Service” I really do not want to Lose the Game Save as I have put Two Years into the Game and Have a lot of Cars that I am worried I will not be able to Re-acquire due to the Games “Live Service” Nature.

So, I must know, Would using one of those “New Old Stock” Discs rather than the Original Disc cause Me to lose My FH4 save? Or will the Game just load up and Run like Normal on the New, non Original Disc?

I really would Appreciate some Help in this! Thank You in Advance.

Also, Turn 10 and Playground, If You ever Read this, Please either Put the Flexible, Looser fitting “Button Spindle” from a Regular Case into the Steelbooks for Future Forza Games, or Kindly just put the “Ultimate Edition” Disc’s into a Normal Plastic Case so Buyers wont have to worry about Cracking the Disc Centre on the Tight and Inflexible Spindle currently Found in Steelbooks, Thank You.


It’s fine. For steelbooks I use for temporary use CD cases, it’s the best. But I usually buy steelbook and digital edition too for my favorite games. Xbox doesn’t care if you play disc or digital edition which is great.

And I forgot to say you can download digital edition before disc come on Series which is game changer too.

Wait, 360 era didn’t transfer saves if you got a different disc? That doesn’t sound correct. Your license and saves are stored on the HDD, why would a different disc matter?

It was probably always the same but he used different disk. It’s like Witcher 3 and Witcher 3 GOTY.

I wonder if I replaced my FM4 disc(since it suffered cracks from the steel book also) if it would cause any trouble. I got it with the Collectors Edition, but it doesn’t have any special signifiers that it’s different from the standard version, just a Disc 2 for cars(I’m not sure if that came with the standard or not). It stills reads and plays as it did a decade ago, so that should bode well for OP.


Thankyou to all of You who Responded. Sorry this is a Little but Late, but Real Life got in the Way and I could not get Online last Night., There is also, for Reasons I would rather not go into, a Slight Delay between Me Posting and the Message Appearing.

Now, I am Sorry if I repeat Myself a Bit or if I ask a lot of Silly Questions, but, Please Remember, I am on the Autism Spectrum, so I sometimes Struggle, and Badly, to Understand a lot of things, So I like to Treble Check things to make Sure I have Understood, so, Please bare with Me, the is the First Time i have had to Replace a Disk in the “One” Era so I am really not very sure what is going to happen.

@FullNietsch, so, if I understand correctly, the Game will just boot Up as Normal from the New Disc with no Loss of or Damage to the Local Save?

@turtleCz. I have Purchased a Set of Amaray Plastic Xbox “Series” Game Cases Now so If i get any Steelbooks in Future i can just Transfer the Disc(s) Straight into a Plastic Case, thanks for the Idea Mate :slight_smile:

However, I do not seem to be able to get the Digital Version of FH4 to Launch even though Xbox Store tells Me I own it and have it Installed, it keeps telling Me to put the Disc in the Drive to “Authenticate” the Game License… do I need to Repurchase the Game in Digital form? as I would rather not do that unless there is no other Choice as I am on rather limited Finance.

I also do not currently own either “Series” Console and do not currently have any Desire to do so I am afraid, £450 is rather Steep to just Pay Games I already have in Backwards Compatibility, So I would rather wait to see how FM2021 is going to turn out, before I even think about Upgrading to the Series X ( Why, In Car Terms, go 318 “LA” and Torqueflite when You can, with some saving up, afford the 426 HEMI with 4 on the Floor?), Sorry. I have to Watch My Finance right now.

@Clutch63. I think I Should mention I never Went Online even Once with My 360, My Carers just would not allow it (i will not go into their Reasons however). heck I am only allowed Online with the “One” (currently a One X) because, with the way I have it set Up, it wont let Me Sign In unless its Online, this means I never got any of the “Patches” on My 360 Games , so I now Wonder If, when My Day 1 PGR3 Disc Failed and I replaced with a Later Example of the Disc, which must have had the Patches on it as The Game had to Install Extra Data before it would Run, the Difference between the Version of the Game in the Local Saves and the The Version on the Disk threw the Save Out? I do not have that Worry with FH4 Thankfully as it is Fully Updated to Series 30.

FH4’s Ultimate Edition and Standard Edition both seem to use the Same Blue Ray Disc by Looking at them… I have a Friend with Standard issue, who later downloaded the Ultimate Upgrade in a Sale, and it looks to be the same Blue Ray Disc…

so, If i understand You Correctly, as the Ultimate Edition Data is Downloaded from Servers and not Uploaded from Disc, and all Discs are just “Standard” in terms of the On Disc Install Files, the Licence to Play the Game is already on My HDD, and the Disc is just an Extra Layer of Security to Authenticate the Licence, like How some PC Games require Me to be Logged into “Steam” Online for them to Authenticate, I can just Buy a Cheap “New Old Stock” Copy of the “Standard” Edition, Put the Disk in, and the Game will just Launch as Normal? Thank goodness for that :slight_smile:

Again, I Thank You all for Your Time, and I hope You will all be able to Answer My Remaining Questions.

Take Care Now!

Your save has nothing to do with the disc. As long as the save is synced properly you’ll have no issues.

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