Disc version or digital version?


I own FH4 digitally from a bundle when I bought my Xbox One S a while ago, I love the game but since recent updates (30 or 31) the game is really long to launch (waiting infinitely on Senna screen) which makes me obliged to always quit and relaunch a second or a third time.

So I thought that if I bought a disc version of the game, it would be better ? what do you think ? Will it affect my game if I own it digitally and physically ?

(I have a friend who’d sell me his physical version for a cheap price, thats why. I considering)

Thanks for help

Doesn’t the disc version install to the hard drive anyway? So other than the initial disc check, the game loads off the hard drive, just the same as the digital version would do? I can’t imagine why the disc version would be quicker.

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This is true, I don’t think that would change loading times. The only real benefit from the disc is install times, since you don’t have to wait for it to download.
As far as progress goes, I don’t think it would since your game data is saved in the cloud with only limited data stored on the hard drive.

My disc version works OK on XBox One S. It works best installed on an external drive.

Hey guys, quick question. There is a currently a sale on the Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate add on bundle on Microsoft websites. I have the standard physical disk. Would I be able to redeem the add on bundle for the physical disk or does it only apply for digital download copy of Forza?
Many thanks

YEH the ultimate add ons bundle will work with the disc version, its not just for digital copies, since the disc version version gets installed and is identical to the digital version once installed
its the same with an ultimate edition bought on disc, the dlc content isnt on disc…its all digital anyway
hence why if the OP buts a disc version it would be pointless and a waste of money

Im surprised someone can even ask if the disc version is faster or better than the digital version… we are in the year 2021 LOL.
This post made me laugh so much… we have even SSDs… that are ven way faster than regular HDs… and someone asks if the DISC version is faster…

I didnt even know disc versions did even exist today…

And as the other guy said, you still need to install the game into the HDD. Like every single game. Running games from discs is an ancient thing.
So, in any case it will take it longer because you waste time installing the game from discs, that are pretty slow.

Glad my post made you laugh, as if even in 2021 everybody is a nerd and knows everything about gaming.

Yeah i did the blasphemy of asking if a disc was faster, because I have very little knowledge in that field, but I am so lucky to find you, you seem an expert, so could you explain what are SSD and HDD ?
I would love to learn from you

Have a good day

Some people are just better to avoid. There is a chance they reply with “in 2021 people are still asking for answers? Google it!”.
A SSD is a Hard Disc Drive without the spinning part. An external storage where you can download games and is usually faster than the spinning disc one.
In the end it doesn’t really matter much until you go for Xbox Series X or capable personal computer.

Your comment with the ‘usually’ makes it sound as if there may be times when an HDD is faster than an SSD. That will never be the case. SSDs are always faster and are significantly faster too.

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I know it’s far-stretched but an internal HDD on OneX is faster than an external SSD on oneS. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol the internal HDD on the OneX isnt much different than the internal HDD on the One S so no it wont be faster than an external SSD at all
even an external HDD can be faster then the internals on all Xbones
theres nothing special about a OneXs internal

That must be one rubbish SSD then as the Internal HDD is super slow!

Whilst an SSD is faster, Horizon 4 has a habit of levelling the playing field…a streamer I race with who uses a Series X was finding the load times on the design store at the weekend to be reminiscent of using the One X

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Thanks for your answer Str3la !

So yeah, for the moment I stay with my One S and when the time will arrive, I will check for a Series X (in 2025 when there will be stock jajajaja)

Have a good day


I have a Series S, (X sold out before I could even blink lol), load times are definitely faster on the Series S as compared to the Xbox One S. Frame rates are improved as well. One thing I really enjoy, I can drive fast without half the background showing up white as the game struggles to load in background images.
Maybe I’m just lucky though, because I know some people have issues on both the Series S and X.

Oh my god. SSDs are soooo much faster than ANY Hdd that is ridiculous. And no, they are not “external” drives. They are just memory based storages. Thats why they are so fast. Like any other storage drive, you have internal SSDs that are external and others internal. And you even have the M2 versions that are even faster than the regular SSDs… lol.

And i know that today there are still people who live in the past, and i didnt mean to offend anyone, but its like asking, whats faster, a bycicle or a car? if someone is into videogames, knowing the difference
between a Disc, Hdd and Sdd should not be that hard…