Disappearing/Reappearing/Blurry Track Textures (EDITION 2.0) (1615983)

I’m still having frequent issues on multiple tracks* with textures disappearing, reappearing, and/or appearing blurry whenever racing in general. I don’t play multiplayer, but for people like myself who prefer single player experiences, whether in Career or Free Play, with or without AI opponents, I imagine this is infuriating. I’ll post images/video footage later, but I’m going to ask this right off the bat:

What is the point of Dynamic Rendering?

I feel like this, above anything else, is the reason why textures have to constantly unload and reload during any given race. Whether it’s the road, trees, mountains, boulders, buildings, or anything else on the map, it gets less and less “charming” to see the same areas (or worse, different unfamiliar areas) become an infinite void of skybox for an unpredictable amount of time before loading back in. At this point I can reduce by a tiny bit how often assets disappear/reappear by changing graphic settings. But frequency of graphic disappearance/reappearance shouldn’t even be a problem to begin with—that feels like something that should be completely resolved long before launching the game to the general public.

I look at Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon 5, both racing games without Dynamic Rendering, and am amazed not only by their graphical beauty, but how they smoothly handle objects popping in from both faraway and close-by distances. No suddenly disappearing and/or reappearing assets in either of those games. Everything just loads in and doesn’t hamper the experience either visually or gameplay wise. This leads to my main question:

Can we get Fixed Render Quality Options at least for Single Player modes?

I think by doing something like this, players could enjoy races without needing to turn on track boundaries for fear of losing the track rendering (probably my main qualm with the rendering as it is right now) every couple of seconds or so.

*: “Multiple tracks” for me include Maple Valley, Indianapolis, Watkins Glen, Le Mans, Grand Oak, Road America, and Yas Marina.

UPDATED 11/15/2023 with VIDEO LINK and SCREENCAPS: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhIdNsQx-5z9h0ahmUdQeepnbQwW?e=S9dMdD

After the New update in playing the Miata Cup, Laguna Seca is unplayable with the way that the track has entirely disappeared, the work around of going into NVIDIA Settings and clamping the LOD has now stopped entirely and it’s got to a point where you can see various road textures that sit underneath too - though you’ve listed some tracks, I’m only going to assume that after 1-10 laps, they all default to a point where the track no longer renders and this is what is stopping me from playing an otherwise great game

Didn’t fix it for me. :crazy_face:

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Even with the new update, My track is still either black/transparent, and now also sometimes goes sky blue. The game is totally unplayable. Why are they wasting time on new tracks and customizing paint jobs, when the primitives of a basic racing game don’t work.

On all versions including the most recent 2.0, my tracks will go Black & Transparent and as of update 2 may alternatively go a sky-blue color, making it unplayable. Sometimes the closest part of the track will be black and distant part will be blue, sometimes it’s the reverse of this. When the track does return, it always looks to me like it’s textures and details look poor. Sometimes you can even see cars below (underneath) the track… You closed this issue as fixed, but is actually worse in update 2 and was evident within the first 3 seconds of game play.

I also have other objects going missing like bridges, buildings, grandstands and also introduced in update 2, guard rails are also going missing. I also have odd pop in pop out issues, whereby distant objects getting closer would normally pop into scene or progressively go to a higher level of detail, at that point pop out and vanish. .

intel i9 12 Gen 5Ghz
NVIDIA GigaByte 3080Ti
Windows 11

Playing in 4k, No DLSS, most settings high or ultra. Getting 55 to 60 FPS and otherwise would be good without the track issues. Restarting game and trying with RT on or off makes no difference.

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For me, update 2.0 has solved all the problems with track textures that disappeared. And so far I have not been blocked when purchasing or applying modifications to the car. Before I couldn’t run 2 consecutive races.

Have you tried doing a clean installation?

Yep, update 2.0 has officially made these issues worse for me. Game is absolutely unplayable on PC.

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I have same issues as this guy… had to do clean install because the game refuses to load after every update thus far.

The issue is not resolved completely even after the update, it is less frequent than before, I played 4 tracks out of which one track had the texture disappearing issue.

I have updated my first post with photo and video evidence from my end of disappearing/reappearing/blurry track textures still not being fixed for Update 2.0.

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Same issues pretty much unplayable. laguna seca has been the worst so far by a long shot.
Hope they can fix this, its an actual joke

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Still broken after Update 2.0… Track disappears (Weird dark shadows on track) on Nurburgring as well.

Can this please be urgently fixed via a HotFix… Aside from a completely crash this is a game breaking bug.


FIXED MINE! I moved the game to my C: (local drive) and it has been working flawlessly now. I did upgrade RAM to 32gb 3600mhz but I don’t believe that fixed it as I wasn’t maxing ram out before.

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Finally moved the game into a brand-new SSD drive, so the game being played on a HDD drive being an issue, or at least, an aggravating factor is no longer there. Demanding games such as Alan Wake 2 require this since it simply doesn’t work as intended, with that game, issues were fixed, with FM23…this is how I just raced on VIR minutes ago, each lap somehow loading even less stuff than the previous one:

Since at one point the game straight up refused to load the missing track anymore no matter what (normally I wait a bit, rewind, use photo mode…) I had to finish the race by rewinding 30 times and trying to feel where the track goes when I got off-road and avoiding the AI taking over. I honestly regret buying this game, that’s all I can say at this point.

Move the game to your local drive, the one with your OS on it. It has been known to stop these issues

My game has always been on an a gen 4 SSD C drive and I’ve always suffered from this. So more of a happy coincidence it fixed it for some.

Can we have an update on when you will be fixing this please? That and the private multiplayer set-up constantly saying that the car doesn’t match the restrictions…or being able to reliably download and use another players tune would be great. The bugs in this game are so big and easy to find its difficult to believe that you really tested it at all.

Apart from that when it is working its great fun, so there is that! :grinning:

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