[DewTune] - Horizon Tunes (Xbox One)

So don’t really have a good way to setup this thread, but I’ve got several decent tunes I’ve put up.

I’m adding these by memory right now, so I’ll fix or add anything I get wrong. Also looking to pretty this thread up eventually.

D Class
D-500 Ford Escort RS1800
D-500 Volkswagen Scirocco 16V (1988)

C Class
C-600 Renault Williams Clio

B Class
B-700 Ford Focus RS (2003)
B-700 Ferrari Dino
B-700 BMW M3 (E30)
B-700 Honda Civic Type R (1997)
B-700 Lotus 11 (Drag Tune)

A Class
A-800 BMW Z4
A-800 Mitsubishi Evo VI
A-800 Renault Megane RS250

S1 Class
S1-900 Ferrari 288 GTO
S1-900 Ferrari 330 P4
S1-900 KTM X-Bow
S1-900 Ferrari 360 CS
S1-900 Donkervoort D8
S1-900 Tesla Model S
S1-900 BMW 1M Coupe
S1-900 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)

S2 Class
S2-996 Lamborghini Huracan
S2-998 Lamborghini Aventador

X Class
X-999 Hennessey Venom

Let me know your thoughts on anything you try. If you search the keyword Dew you should find all of these. Additionally, you can always search my name.


Good to see you tuning in Horizon 2, I’ll be sure to try your tunes as always!

Thanks man. I’ve been tuning in 5 like crazy too, just don’t post 'em up much. Search my name, there’s usually a ton of them.

I added a couple more I’m about to upload, and the Stradale is actually S-Class, not A-Class. Whoops. Not bad from memory though.

I will be in your tunes this evening. I have a shopping list going for cars I need to get along with the tunes and tunes for cars that I already own that I will use your tunes for. I will report back.

Let me know what you think! I’m pretty happy with them, they’re all fun to drive. Haven’t gone online much at all yet though, so no idea if they’re competitive or anything.

I have tried the S1-900 Donkervoort D8 tune for far of the ones I grabbed from you and it handles great even easier to drive now than stock when I’m building up the Skill level on the highways :slight_smile:

Thanks man, yeah, I used that one at the airport to get some ridiculous chains. Car is fun to drive, even if it does look like someone tried to make a Lotus 7 look look like Art Deco on a budget.

Added Aventador and R34 Skyline.

The thing I like about the tuning community is that we all tune different rides. I look at your list and I have not touched 90% of them.

I will be grabbing these especially the BMW M3, if it is anything like your FM5 one, I loved it.

Keep up the great work!!!

Haha, yeah, we all tune differently. The M is actually a no-aero tune, since I love those DTM parts for the E30 (sure wish we could get the GT parts back for the E36). My E46 tune in FM5 I was quite proud of. Ran that in an M3 Forum series, it was really really dialed in by the end.

I was trying to get the cheevo for getting a tune, car, livery, and showdown at a parking lot last night, and it took me like 20 minutes of waiting for someone to show up with a tune for me to download. Really peeved me.

Then some guy told me I had stanced my aventador because it had visible camber on it. I was like…no, actually tuning a car does result in some camber, but -2 to -3 degrees is not “stanced”.

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Added a couple more tunes: Venom, Scirocco, Completely Uncontrollable Drag Lotus Eleven that never loses the stupid drag race at the middle Northern Car Park.

Also dressed up the OP quite a bit.

Nice ^ ^


Thanks man! To get those friggin’ class Icons, I did a Twitch broadcast and took screen shots of each one…

Changed the logo around a bit at my wife’s say-so.

Working on an A-Class Evo VI that I used for the 90s Rally Championship. Feels pretty good, but a bit of back and forth on dirt to work out still.

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Evo tune is updated on my list. I uploaded two or three more as well, but I can’t remember what they were…

Oh yeah, one was a Megane RS 250. A class, maybe?

where do i view these tunes??