[DewTune] - Horizon 3 Tunes

Search DEW or Dewstain to bring up any of my tunes, most typically have a livery that compliments it, which I’ll try to link in the post.

D Class

C Class

B Class
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A Class

S1 Class

S2 Class

X Class


Hey there Dewstain how have you been? I am glad to see you coming in to Horizon 3 with your tune and painting skills.

If anyone is reading this and looking in to Dewstain’s work, take it from me that his work is top notch. Dewstain has been tuning and painting in the Forza series for a long time. You can trust his stuff!!

I’ve been good. Kinda burned out on Forza 6, but picked up Horizon 3 over Black Friday. First Forza game I didn’t buy on release day, I think I’m just oversaturated with games at this point.

You’re right, I have been doing this for a long time. Like 11+ years long…

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