[DewTune] Tunes!

All of these tunes are available when searching “Dewstain” in the creator or the keyword “Dew”.

I’ve got the following posted:

Abarth 131
Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE

Scion tC

VW Golf R
BMW E30 M3 (DTM parts)

Alfa Romeo 155
BMW M235i
BMW M235i (With Aero)
BMW E34 M5
BMW E36 M3
Ferrari 250 GTO
Ford Mustang GT (Fox Body)

Alfa Romeo 4C
Audi S3 #67 Rotek Racing BTCC
Audi RS2
Audi RS7

BMW M1 Procar
Ferrari F12Berlinetta
Ferrari 512 BB/LM #72 N.A.R.T.
Ford GT
Ford RS200

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


Added a few more!

VR and I been playing with ur BMW in a lobby fun!

Which BMW?

I also added a couple A class cars. The BAC Mono is a friggin’ blast!

Added the E34 M5. Great in the night races.

Added a DTM C500 E30 M3, which, I know isn’t much right now, but I was able to easily put at #2 in America on one of the short COTAs this morning.

I also had the Mono up to 15th or so in the world on Laguna Seca last night. Not sure where it is now, but damn is that car fast.

Doing some revamping to this. Should be uploading some Touring Car tunes later today.

If there was one thing I could always say about you Dew. It is that you tune the cars (VW & BMW) that i really dont want to spend the time on. no offense. I do more of the American Muscle stuff. But I know that when I need one of those cars I always look for one of your tunes. Great stuff and keep it up.

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Haha, I try to tune what I want to drive. The E30 is actually pretty fat, too.

Will be checking these out soon, always loved your work

Thanks man!

I added an E36 M3 in B class. No adjustable aero, it’s meant to be for a series I do. Tried to sort of mimic the E36 LTW.

Dew, good stuff. I am going to pick up a few your BMW’s. I know that you have a few more BMW’s tuned but not shared? Let me know. Either way good list so far. If you can, bring back your Alpina M6 tune and paint to FM6. Always enjoyed that one.

Ooohhh, that’s a good one, but not the right M6… I miss the V10 E60/E63 M5/M6…

I do have a few more BMW tunes I’m working on.

Added a few new tunes up.

Picked up the 131 Tune, good one! now i would try some BMW and RX-7. Good work bud.


I added a 250 GTO tune this morning. I believe it was B class, I’ll check when I get home from work tonight.

Your M235i handles great for no-aero, last night I was flying at Brands Hatch Indy in rain.

Nice man! Glad you like it.

So far, I’m finding that aero is pretty much a no-no for E, D, C class, optional for B depending on the car, and necessary A, S, R, etc.

Have driven the mono which is an awesome car and a fantastic tune but I have to say I absolutely love driving the A class M1 its not much slower than the mono but is really great fun to drive and really predictable on the limit. Well done as always Dew

Thanks for the comments! I have been loving the BMWs in this game.

I just posted up a B-Class Alfa 155 today.