Design Editor Problem?

I’ve been working my way to getting the ‘Cashing In’ achievement and making progress slow but steady, although I’ve noticed a major flaw in recent times.
If I make a design in the ‘Create Vinyl Groups’ menu then apply it to my car, everything is fine until I try to add it to the front bumper.
When I go there my left/right controls are reversed and the design is also mirrored. The up/down controls stay as they should.
I tried messing around with sizes and stuff to re-reverse the badge with no avail and it only does it with loaded layer groups, not manufacturer decals.
This never happened on my older designs and has just started to happen since two updates ago.
It wasn’t a problem when I noticed it before as I worked around it but in my latest design I wanted to add a UK license plate on the front and as you can imagine looks absolutely stupid in reverse.
There are ways to work around it like putting the letters in individually but it is very time consuming and I also like to share my vinyl groups to the community for extra cash when they get downloaded. Any ideas as to where I am going wrong or is it a genuine bug?

Sounds like your problem is with the car your using. You can make a mirrored image of your plate by pasting it on one side and inserting it to the other. this gives you a mirrored image that you can use on the front bumper. Hope that helps.

That ^ ^

Did the same on another car in FM3, it was a bit weird then too haha!

Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a go later on
It’s the EVO VI, just in case you want to replicate the fault.
It just seems strange that the left/right controls are swapped too.

This is a known glitch since FM5 for the EVO VI. It should only be for one style of bumper on the car though

Just when you think you’ve seen/done it all.
I did not know this…

Just the EVO VI?

I’ve had it happen to me (mostly with the reversing of the controls) in past versions of the game, mostly occurred on Porsches and / or Rufs. Or when you do the basic background patterns then try to replicate them on the other side of the car, they’re either upside down or not in the correct position. HRT Commodore does this too.