Deep dive: Forza Motorsport global lighting techniques

This is a Game Developers Conference presentation on the approaches used to build the lighting rigs in Forza Motorsport. It’s from August, so I expect this is the approach for the new game as they don’t tend to send developers to GDC to talk about 4 year old games. The images of cars on the track would probably be from older games. Adaptive Placement of Probes for Global Illumination - YouTube (edited)

Here’s another GDC presentation on “Art Directing for 100 MPH: Balancing Visuals with Performance for Forza Motorsport”. Interesting approaches if you want to get into the art side of making games. This one was released before the announcement of the new game.

I can’t stress the importance of dynamic lighting, which is sadly not present in Forza Motorsport 7. The infamous pitch black darkness while driving around sunset and absence of dynamic changing of time of the day are all the price Turn 10 was willing to pay for stuppid 4K and overall weekness of Xbox One hardware.
Take a look how gradually day fades in Assetto Corsa and keep in mind: this game is three years older than FM7

I really hope new Forza Motorsport will feature dynamic lighting, because it is my favorite racing series besides all flaws

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Im agree with you. FM lightining still not good. The global illumination of all assets is still missing. Also , still no real real time day/night.

NATIVE 4K resolution is a waste of power since 1440p is very OK or 4K using checkerbord. All we need is a better lighting , natural reflexions and more realistic colors . Gran Turismo is great fot this.