Daytona International Speedway

Daytona International Speedway is included in Update 4.0 in January 2024 with the tri-oval and road course layouts, the third track to join Forza Motorsport post-launch.
As of the Update 4 announcement, this topic reached 572 votes, placing it as the 7th most requested track at the time.

Daytona International Raceway

Daytona is a real world location in Florida with both an oval and a road course, used by NASCAR and IMSA.

Daytona was included as a track in FM7.




just a update about layout, the road part between turns 3-4 seems to not exist anymore due some facility updates that happened on Daytona on Last fewy ears

also the second chicane that NASCAR used when they run the Road course in 2020-2021 is not on layout, besdies i doubt most of people wont use it anyways


Like Le Mans and Sebring, it seems wrong to have a major sim that focuses on sports car and endurance racing and doesn’t include the Daytona road course.


Forza is focused on all types of motorsports but it would be even better if has Daytona Oval and Road


Daytona is known as the world center of racing, it’s one of the most historic race tracks in North America and holds two of the worlds most famous races. As much focus as this game, looks like it will have on endurance and sports car racing, like IMSA, it would frankly be very sad to not have the track in the game that holds its biggest and Crown Jewel event in the 24 hours of Daytona. Truthfully, when I saw that they were putting, the GTP Cadillac in the game I was excited to get to drive it at this track, especially with the additions of the more detailed day to night cycles and rain. I’m gonna be extremely disappointed if this track is not in here I’m also a big NASCAR fan so that part is nice but for this game, I want it in here for the purpose of things like the 24 hours and stuff like that. Not to mention the Cadillac that I’m talking about is one of your cover cars, Daytona and the 2023 Rolex 24 hours of Daytona is the track and race that this car made its competitive debut at, to me it doesn’t make any sense to not have this track in the game.


Kinda feel this is a must have… highlights several forms of racing and would show off the time progression perfectly :sunglasses:


I hope daytona will be in motorsports soon


Totally agree with you, we need this please devs!


My prediction for the Daytona update: We might be able to see some new Rolex 24h of Daytona cars. Not NASCAR cars because they have the license to Motorsport Games. Unless that changes, because I heard Motorsport Games is probably going to loose and fail the NASCAR license.

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From what I’ve heard, it seems like NASCAR is following through with some kind of “breach of contract” with Motorsport Games and revoking their licensing agreement. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a big update with Daytona, new 24h Daytona cars, as well as the current gen NASCAR. Would also be cool to see the Garage56 24h of LeMans NASCAR entry appear with that too.


they confirmed yesterday that the lincence will continue be exclusive, just another company ill take it

That said the game has support to IMsA and Daytona 24, so who knows


I need this track for my NASCAR and GTLM shenanigans.

With iRacing getting the NASCAR License from MotorSport Games, I’m having doubts NASCAR will come to FM for years :frowning:

As a person who lives in Daytona I think they should add it to the game 1 because it multiple layouts 2 it’s the world center of racing 3 great racing 4 its a sports car track in a game that focuses on sports cars 5 it has well known races and 6 almost everyone knows Daytona it’s Daytona baby

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I would love to have this track with the NASCAR and Rolex layouts to include the short lived NASCAR version of the road course with the second chicane before pit entrance please.

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Since you posted Road, let me also put the Oval Onboard

The reason why I want this track added is so that my series on Discord can start because, we are starting the series once Daytona gets added to Forza Motorsport. So I just want this track added hopefully pretty soon.

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