Customizatio. Glitch

I have had Forza since the start, and there had been not a single bit of good customization but ten Forza horizon 3 introduced widebody kits, fair enough… on every car with a wudebody you had the ability to put the original customisable parts over the widebody, for example the Nissan 240SX SE has an option for one exhaust and you could change the rocket bunny diffuser to that single exhaust, turn 10 and playground games removed this option in the November update? Could you please add this feature back as I think it will improve the game or just make an option to do that originally instead of a glitch, I had some very nice looking cars until yesterday.


It was most likely a breach of their contract with Nissan and rocket bunny licensing.

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This is totally a shame ,very very sad…

I realise yesterday that some of my cars in the garage still have the bumber mod but when you take the car to drive it flip out to the normal (and boring ) widebody :frowning: smh…

This glitch let us put different bumber over the widebody and FIXED ALSO THE ULGY INNER OFFSET PROBLEM that we still have with every car ! This Glitch was very cool, some of them actually fit pretty well and make them more unique… So tell me ? …Who care about this contract Licensing issue with the bumber ? In real life if i want to change the bumber on my s13 rocket bunny or s14 ,nobody going to tell me that I cant do it !! I can do what I want .

Biggest FAIL patch ever . Bring that back with better improvement instead of removing it !

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How is this patch a fail? First and foremost Turn10/Playground Games cares a lot about their contracts and licensing they get to use for paying. The contract tells them what they can and cant do and I’m sure one of the cant does was be able to interchange bumpers with other brands In Game. They are aware that you can and people do in IRL but this is a game not IRL. IRL you can do what ever you want with the Body kit cause you paid for with your own money. This is the same for Their contract and licensing stuff. They fixed a issue they saw was a very bad one on their end but on our end it was a harmless glitch. Their end could have ended with a huge fine and prob never be able to use Rocket Bunny nor Liberty Walk kits again in any of their games if they were to breach the contract. That is if that is the case.

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Turn 10 should make there own wide body kits and rims.NFS did this for years without issues.

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They did on some of the older cars like the Datsun 510 and the 280z

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LOL so what … I have payed more than 100$ +++ for this game … I think Ive already paid enough to do whatever I want XD Including living with something that is cool (bumber mod) and they make it dissapear because of their Contract … it just make no sense and Its not my fault !

I understand your point soules reaper but admit it, this glitch was nice but remove something cool like this just because of the contrat - license … not cool at all

Honestly I never used that glitch I try to stay away from stuff like that cause I don’t want to get banned for glitching. I paid $100 plus also but Turn/Playground games paid a helluva lot more than $100 for the contracts and licensing to get the stuff in the game. So you and I and everyone paid $60 to $100 for a game that we have no control over when its in design phase. If you don’t think its cool they took the glitch out that you liked, you should try and make a game where you can do that stuff in all you want. And on top of all this the Xbox Code Of Conduct does NOT APPROVE of glitches or mods its against the policy so that’s another reason they fixed it so their players/buyers don’t get banned from Xbox live for a glitch that was in the game. Even though you see it as it sucks I see it as they helped a lot of people out by preventing banning from Xbox live and a whole heep of emails on why so and so wants their ban released because they glitched the game.


Certainly your entire experience has been ruined by not being able to put a bumper on a body kit.


Not happening.

Oh my god, the sheer amount of stupidity present in this thread…


Yes… sorry about that. Nobody know me here im french and im doing the best I can to speak english with you guys, I think im doing a good job.

Souls reaper , you are right they just don’t have the choice to fix it. But still stupid tho … Not because YOU dont like to cheat and glitch that some other people don’t like that. Actually this is not even a Glitch , its just a simple bumber option that appears lets say that when you do a wrong button combination…

you cant breach a contract because there is a glitch. it would have been as easy as saying “we cant find the root problem” and leave it at that.

also before the game came out the devs said they don’t patch bugs that don’t break the game. here we are after release and they patch a harmless bug.