Custom Race Starting Grid (PC?)

Hey everyone :video_game::sunglasses::+1:

Extremely excited for the next Forza Motorsport as an avid racing fan. I’ve been playing Forza Motorsport on console since FM5 and had a question for forum members that play on PC…

Are you able to create a Custom Starting Grid for Offline Races?

I have a decent gaming rig I use for modded games (GTAV, ISMC, etc.) and have been hesitant to mod FH5 or FM7 on it for fear of ban or save corruption.

Mainly looking to pick the AI cars and paint schemes for the field (as possible in Gran Turismo 7, catch being you have to own each car you fill the field with) so I can recreate IMSA, BTCC or Super GT races.

Are you asking about fm8 ?

The game there is little to no info on?

Sorry, mainly asking about if it’s possible in FM7 on PC.

Ultimately hoping it’s possible in FM 2023 on console & PC, but will likely figure it out for PC as I have a secondary GamerTag to experiment under.

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No difference between pc & console functionality on fm7.

Re: mods, it against the fh5 t&c and more than likely fm7 as well.

I’d have to check my own fm7 to answer your query about custom grid positions but someone here should be able to answer you before I get around to it!

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Found this

Quite old thread but may not be possible to do what you want.

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Thank you.

:crossed_fingers: hoping the next Motorsport is able to :crossed_fingers: