Curator and Entrepreneur achievements, Forza Rewards, and Leaderboards

I know that it’s probably a very long shot, but can Turn 10 look into turning the servers for uploading photos and movies, and Designs, Vinyl Groups, and more, back on? It would really be great, as it would allow me and others who don’t have them unlock the achievements you get for that. While on the topic of bringing back the features, maybe it would be feasible to relicense the DLC and allow the players who missed certain things to download them and get the complete experience (I, for example, miss the VIP package and the Community Choice Pack)? With Microsoft now being fully committed to backwards compatibility and taking their gaming history with them to future console generations instead of leaving it in the dust, it actually makes sense.
It also would’ve been nice if Forza Rewards for this game have been fixed. I’ve been playing for a while and they’re stuck on the levels I’ve had when I was beginning.
And finally, the Leaderboards, Storefront, and Auction House haven’t been working for the past several days. Is this connected to Series being launched (I’ve also experienced similar problems in other games), or is it the problem with the game? When and will will it be fixed?


I am currently ranked 275 on the Forza 3 overall circuit leaderboard and have been active daily in the game for years improving my times. I now tend to jump one or two positions a month and this is perfect for my play style. I am trying to get the most out of every car in the game and have been working on this since about 2011. ViperSR is also working on leaderboard times and is currently at 214 on the circuit leaderboard. The total circuit player numbers continues to rise every month so new people are still coming to the game.

For us, it is essential to have the leaderboard server available. It is my record of achievement and all of the times that I am trying to beat. This is my main hobby and I need it to access the ghost laps that I improve against. I have Forza Motorsport 4, 5, 6 and 7 but I play 3 as I set myself the goal to purchase all cars and all standard upgrades with a particular race style that has required years of effort. I am able to continue that quest and have 10 cars left to purchase including the four most expensive in the game but I am also trying to get as high on the leaderboard as possible without using “leaderboard” car setups and I expect to still need a few thousand track attempts to hit my limit.

The server went down on October 28th and I am waiting for it to be rebooted.



Update re leaderboards that the FM3 servers are working.

Circuit - 7,499,111 (only 889 more to get to 7.5 million online - I you have a profile that has not done a lap in FM3, please just post while on Xbox Live {you don’t even need Gold do it ;~}
Drag - 1,883,933
Drift - 6,958,672
Oval - 3,112,872
P2P - 2,650,792 (TearItUpPC is 6,808 on this LB btw)
Time Trial 263,188 (really - it is just 23 races, 25 if you have Benchmark and Sidewinder (test) tracks (which I don’t :frowning: but that’s another post) )

I don’t know what the ViperSR is but I’ll investigate.

PS If you want to be Top 1000 in FM3 there are still 39 spots available if you “just do 1132 more classified laps” and you don’t the test tracks (yet unlike FM4).

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Hi there!

I totally agree with and support previous posts. Turn 10 please allow your players to reach 100% achievement completion! Thank you.

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Please, Turn 10. If you can’t turn on those servers or those features, please give unobtainable achievements.