Forza 3 Storefront Server (Glitch?)

So I’ve been playing a bit of Forza Motorsport 3 lately, trying to complete the event list and possibly get every achievement on there.

I’ve noticed that there’s something weird going on with the Storefront… Any time I view someone’s photo it would say “Please try again later”, or if I go to download a tune it wouldn’t show me the performance states, just only shows “9.9” on every thing. Plus even when I upload a new picture to my Storefront, the game will tell me the “The photo was NOT successful uploading to the Storefront” or something.

Which then made me wonder… Is this a weird glitch? This has been going on for quite some time and this is the reason as to why I’m posting this. I HOPE it’s just a glitch and maybe one day Turn 10 will fix this. Unless Forza 3 will no longer support the Storefront for us anymore?

The storefront acts strangely time-to-time (sometimes you have to try several times to get what you want), but at least it is back. I’m able to upload photos, but not the videos (I get similar error message). Fortunately (for me) the Curator achievement for it was unlocked back in 2009.

Hmm… Well if uploading stuff on your storefront works, but mine isn’t. I may have some bad connection problems.

But I’m not after any achievement that’s about taking photos, and putting something on the storefront. I’m doing it to “refresh” it a little bit, and other uses like posting them over on DeviantART or anything else related to it.

I can’t download cars gifted to me

I have the same problem - cant upload anything to storefront, but downloading from storefront works.

yesterday the shop works since a long long time

Yesterday wanted to go to auction house and again no server.

Server down? Can’t upload photo…

E: “…was NOT succesfully uploaded…” and still this happens


Can’t open or delete those though

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That exact same thing has been happening to me for the last 5 or so months!