Curated groups

Sorry don’t know if this has already been asked but how does one manage to get a vinyl in the curated groups section? There is a reason for asking this as we know its normally very popular people who feature in this section which I have no issue with, however we know the current system in place means newer vinyls put on don’t get seen easily as popular is put first in all searches. What I can’t understand is one person has had about 250 vinyls on since about 3 days after launch date and they were only getting an average amount of downloads (less than me, actually they had about half the downloads I had). Then the day before yesterday they took down a few vinyls and put on a few more and bang they managed to get 8 vinyls in the curated groups just like that this is a person who has been known to hack in the past both in paint both and used speed glitches in forza horizon 3, they may have even been a user of the goliath glitch too as within days of getting game about 2 days after me and my dad they had prestiged to level 2 with purple plate, the play time and level didn’t match. And now I am not sure if they have manged to cheat the system again as they put on a few vinyls between launch and the other day and all was normal. Yet they suddenly manage this when I have never seen anyone mange more than one vinyl other than very popular players that is in the curated groups, all in a matter of hours, by the way the vinyls in question are of a type that many people already have on at the front so how this person apparently got noticed so quick and to the extent they have is beyond me and like I said a known hacker in the past. If anyone can shed light on this I’d be grateful.

First of all you should make more use of your “Enter” key. I needed to read your post three times now :wink:

Personally i don`t think, that it is a matter of hacking what you mentioned. I think after you share a couple of designs one of them is pushed. So basically if you rename and share like 200 designs some of them make it in the curated groups section.

It is just my guess, but maybe someone else has experienced a similar behaviour. Over time i published about 25-30 designs and most of them got zero attention or just a few downloads - by the way very frustrating espacially because i spend hours on some designs - and then one design (not even my best one) appears in the section and boooom 5k+ downloads…so maybe it is just a algorithm of the game to “promote” a design from time to time.

Personally i thought about not sharing my designs anymore but the sucess of the on i mentioned gave me new courage to keep up creating and improving my liveries…

As i said, none of the mentioned needs to be true, its just my guess and well maybe there is a way to hack…but to be honest: everyone knows hackers have small d…s :wink:

Well I’m sorry if the way I type my posts isn’t to the way you like it, no one else has complained in the past so I’m sure it’s not really a big deal, maybe read a little slower, I type how I type like you type you type so please don’t negative me for that. Secondly I do believe something is amiss as I saw yet another sign of that today featuring a different player, this second player is rank 2,999 prestige 10, yet they have played game for nowhere near the time it would take to reach that level as we all know levelling takes significant time, gamer profile only has 770gamerscore so either a new player or a secondary profile I would say, also this second player I am now mentioning has very inaccurate vinyls that most people who use that sort thing would never go for. Something certainly seems off as both players seem to have prior form for hacking. I don’t accuse unless I have such a strong feeling of such a thing. Also 1st person I set post up about didn’t reshare 200 plus vinyls just about 9-10 of them.