Cover car

It’s already been announced that the cover car will be revealed either end of this month or sometime next month I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong). But having followed Lamborghini on a few different socials and them announcing that they are bringing back the countach.

This has made me think this will be horizons new cover car as it’s likely to be revealed by Lamborghini in September at the Munich motor show.

What’s people’s thoughts on this and if not the new countach what car do you think will be on the cover of the game?

Apparently these are leaked images of the countach

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They did state August. But they also stated this will be the “second” cover car, meaning the first cover car is most likely the AMG.

As far as I’m aware, no one from Playground has officially stated a date or even a month for the cover car reveal. I know some YouTubers have said August, but to my knowledge, that’s not anything official.

They did indeed announce August for the reveal. That’s why a lot of Youtubers brought up the fact that there may be a real life car being revealed in August.

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Would love to see a link to either one of the streams or a quote from someone official with that being said. I have watched each episode multiple times (even taken notes from them) and read every news post on the Forza site and tweet they’ve made since the reveal in June and have never seen/heard that said by anyone at Playground.

A quick Google search brings up those articles that both reference PG confirming an August reveal. Is there a possibility that the developers were vague in their official livestreams but maybe chose to share more specific details in other media? Food for thought.

I appreciate you taking the time to link those articles, but I was looking for something official… either a link to an official article or video or a quote from someone official. Nether one of those are official sources or have a link to anything official or a quote from anyone at the studio.

Seems to be legit though.

Well, that’s my point. Both of those articles just said ‘according to Playground’. I’ve watched every stream multiple times, have read every official post and article since the game’s reveal and don’t recall them ever saying that. I keep seeing and hearing people say that they’ve said so, but no one can provide a link to it.

No it says that a game show is coming up, and they are to reveal the cover at the game show. It would be strange if they didn’t.

A Countach looks naked without a ridiculous wing.


I know of a certain person who is hoping itll be the new bronco

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Nissan Z.

I’m going to guess it’s either a rally car or offroad vehicle.
If they are going to portray Mexico accurately then most of the roads will be dirt.

Forza Horizon 5 Unveils New Gameplay and Cover Cars at gamescom 2021

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I am still scratching my head trying to understand the importance of a cover car!


People like to see their favorite manufacturers represented as the cover car. It’s been a thing.