Could someone please make me a top speed track and event?

I am a blind player of FH5, and use the auto steering/breaking assists to play the game.
However I am still very limited in terms of places to go top speed.
I have tried using events on the highway, and although I can complete the event with little trouble, the assists slow me down for some unknown reason although it’s a straight run, and the other drivertars just go sailing passed me which makes things very annoying especially as I can’t do anything about it regardless of what car I use.
That being said, I would be very grateful if someone could make me a top speed area with the blueprint builder.
My friend told me of a homemade highway of sorts that someone had created, but it was very inaccessible and he didn’t tell me how to get to it anyway.
My desire is to have a track where I can use any car and go top speed for a long period of time, and something I can use offline.
I don’t fully understand how to builder works, but apparently you can create platforms, maybe someone could make a road out of the platforms?
Many thanks, ALisha


how accessible are the menu’s for you? Played around with the settings but no idea how to enable text to speech for the menu.

There is a “afk highway” track wich allows top speed with auto steering/braking. It is basically the highway in both directions and few corners to reach the highway but works fine.
Tested with S1 class car and it was 7 minutes per lap, 5 laps in this event. It’s without drivatars but shouldnt be a problem to recreate with more laps and/or drivatars enabled.
In the builder it is allowed to change the amount of drivatars from 0 to 11 maybe it is better to have fewer of them. Also allows to set fixed difficulty.
A road built from platforms is bit harder. There is a limited amount of objects per event and its hard to get back on these platforms.

With xbox controller it is “easy” to reach with counting button presses and search for share code but yeah no idea how you can navigate through the menus (text to speech/hardware).

It’s in Creative Hub, Eventlab, Blueprints and then search 347784321

Tested more tracks with the autobraking/steering and on some straights the car autobrakes but not the drivatars so it’s easy for them to pass you there.
Not sure if it’s a bug or the routecreator was braking there while setting up the route.

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I checked out the event that you shared, but it’s the same problem again.
I tried it with my rx7, nothing to fast or to slow, and literally as soon as I went into 5th gear this odd breaking or whatever it is occurs, so much so that I can hear the car slow down as if I’m pressing both forward and reverse keys at the same time but obviously I’m not.
As an experiment I turned off assisted breaking and left the steering on, but with the same results.
I didn’t finish the track in the end because I was getting slowed down to 110MPH on the highway and it wasn’t fun lol.
Maybe someone could report this?
It may just be an altogether bug with the auto steering, because I sometimes find that when I’m off-road I would crash into a tree regardless of my speed, and also when driving normally it doesn’t steer me passed the drivertars, so I just crash into them all the time and never get any near misses.

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Tried with the stock 1997 rx7 automatic with autobrake/steer. the point where it shifts into 5th gear you are hitting a small tree but its fine. its a straight line/shortcut over the roundabout at the begining of the highway. bit later it slows down again and sometimes hits some guardrail but is fine too autosteer is able to handle that

Tried to create some track for you wich allows you to go full speed most of the time but the routecreator is too buggy. Hard todo without adding extra brakings because i have to create the route in full traffic it allows me to disable traffic later not before. If i have some nice fullspeed route i cant publish it because it fails to trigger checkpoints on final testdrive. but im working on it…

Ok, found some way to complete the testdrive. Try Sharecode: 106917873
It starts on the Highway so you can go full speed from there. At some point you should feel some bumps there is a bridge it lets the back of the car jump but with most of them its fine. Then it slowdowns and you use the roundabout and back on highway followed by the bump again (bit harder this time). It’s set to 50 laps (max) without traffic and drivatars.

It has some problems with high power rwd cars they spin sometimes out in the roundabout so you have to brake a bit yourself

Setting up another one later it’s doing some useless braking at the locations where i was avoiding buses/trucks. Think i can prevent it with some real slow car it should give the traffic enough time to separate

Thank you, I’ll check that out now.
A couple days ago I discovered by accident that if you create a super 7 challenge with traffic off and race it once, then traffic is turned off in the whole game including drivertars on free rome so that may help you, just don’t use super 7 to complete the challenge because that only allows you to use one car :slight_smile:

I really don’t know what’s going on. I just tried your event using a Stingray that I know does aprox 198mph top speed, I could just about do 150.
When my friend did a lap of the highway without assists he could go top speed, I know this because I could hear the car reaching the rev limiter on the top gear.
I’m beginning to think that the auto steering limits how fast you can go, because no matter what car I try as soon as I reach the higher gears it just starts to slow down and my friend had no trouble doing the highway at 230mph with a Lambo.
Perhaps I’ll just have to wait for an update and hopefully the auto steering should be fixed, as I said previously also I have trouble because it doesn’t guide me around traffic or drivertars which makes street races impossible.

Hard to tell what happens on your side. Tested multiple cars with all assists on/off, automatic/manual, tcm on/off the autosteer is not limiting. And im truly suprised how well it performs.
It brakes more in corners to go safe but it definitely let u reach max speed. Are your cars tuned? Automatic or manual?

Ignore the troll… not the brightest candle on the tree

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Here is a video of me doing a test blueprint that my friend set up, I’m using a freshly upgraded supra and that thing has a lot! of acceleration.
However on the highway when I get to the second to last gear it starts to decelerate and on the last gear it slows down.!Aq83_X7IDYdshek6_tROSQCetHMJXA?e=peDcdw

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Just pick the highway and start accelerating to the max??? lol. Its not like you dont have a super long highway to test the speeds and a beautiful speed trap there . . .lol.

Hell, the highway in FH5 is even way longer than Fh4 and you dont even have crisp corners, you can basically accelerate with small turn movements and thats about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The stingray can be tunned up to S2 960 more or less. With the right engine and tune tweaks that car speeds up to 260mph, probably more. Thats the car i used to beat the speed trap in the highway.
I “only” reached about 256 mph because the highway makes a step change further away. But im sure the car can go up to 265mph (in the tune screen it says max speed 263mph…).

If things were that easy, I wouldn’t have had to make the post in the first place lol.
I can’t just do what you said as simply as that because I need the steering assists to put me in the right direction and I can’t see where I’m going.
That being said even if I turned assists off, I wouldn’t be able to know where to make these small turning movements you speak of, and if I just go completely straight I’ll be rubbing it off with the nearest wall or barrier :xd

The game is locking you at 200mph.

Hm yeah seems it locks but why… i can use any car without limits
even the maxed jesko is fine with 493km/h

Locked via gearbox? But then it should work with other cars/tunes
Deadzones? Controller settings in os? No idea

I just remembered something… with FH4 I made a track for everyone to try, and when I posted it the car tuning was changed so that you could not reach a certain speed… which ruined my Super 7 race. But when I tested it myself the speed was OK.

I am using keyboard, and haven’t really messed around with tuning.
For me it locks with any car, I also tried with my defender and got the same result.
Could this be a universal issue? I haven’t changed any settings apart from graphics and audio, and if it is then does anyone know of a way to inform the devs about this?
I’m not only talking from a blind person’s perspective, I’m also thinking about racing game nubies who use assisted/auto steering to get a feel of the game.

You know how to enable telemetry overlay? Can u do a video with the overlay at first page while driving? It shows throttle/brake percents

Found another thread with similar issue, some people there are saying it was the old hardware but not sure

@PinkiePie4997 no I don’t know how to do that, do you mean streamer mode? can you tell me how to enable it, and I will make a video.
My hardware is 10th gen i7 with 64gb ram and 3080, so I would be very surprised if my hardware had anything to do with it.
@AquaPainter168 so I’m guessing that’s a bug brought over from the previous game then? or just a challenge card rig system which purposely defects your car once published?
Either way I think Turn 10 should know about this, because even if they don’t intend this to be a bug I would rather have the option of defecting my car for challenges sake or to turn it off completely, and I’m sure the hundreds of other blueprint testers would agree with me on that one.

Not 100% sure but think on PC it was already enough to press “T” to open telemetry. Otherwise in settings it allows to switch between anna/telemetry/tts and can be opened with the key for anna then

I’ve made another video using your instructions, I think it worked because something came up when I pressed T before I started driving as you will see.
FYI ignore the outburst from my screen reader towards the end of the race, I tried to see my speed but forgot that telemetry thing was open lol :slight_smile:

Using TT coupe, it seemed a bit long so correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think I was going 200 this time although the slowing down still occurred.

Yeah it shows 100.0% Throttle is applied so that shouldnt be the problem.
Is the steering input coming from you? The car is going right left whole time. But thats not what limits u tried to replicate that and it allowed me to go faster.
Think u have to write to support (dont expect too much :D) or some forzaveteran shows up and has seen this before and some solution.