Corrupt save on Xbox One - can it be saved?

Hi all, I just had my FH4 save corrupt for the second time in a few months (game loads, gets to splash screen with the Senna when you press A to go in and it freezes and kicks back to home screen)

Last time it wasn’t so bad as wasn’t too far along but this save is a not inconsiderable amount of credits, Level 40 prestige 1 and 300 cars, Fortune Island completed etc. and I’d rather not start again as I had to delete the save for it to work.

The same thing has happened both times, picking a car for a race from car select screen and one car has a distorted image, like half the car picture has loaded and the rest is like TV static. The game then crashes back to home screen and refuses to boot as per the first line of this post (removing local saves and rebooting does nothing)

Question is, can the save file be fixed remotely? If possible I’d be one of the most grateful people in Xboxdom

TLDR; game crashes at start screen, need to delete save for it to work, don’t want to start from beginning, can save be fixed remotely?


Please submit a ticket and include all this information plus any photo or video capture that you may have.

RetroKrystal very similar problem, but on a daily basis. If someone could look at my ticket #23491 it would be much appreciated.

Also whilst I’m here. The latest update, 150 photo’s. I’ve hit the limit at 73. Any advise please?

Your data is stored in the cloud. Delete the saved game files you have and they will be redownloaded from XBL.

If presented with the option … just make sure you don’t delete the save file in the cloud.

I may be mistaken as I’ve only ever had to do this once, but I don’t think the user can access what’s stored in the cloud. Only what’s stored locally on the hard drive. Either way, I hope he resolved his issue and doesn’t have to start over.

I have been given the option before to choose which file to sync … the locally stored file or the cloud save file. It’s been a while since that happened, but I have seen it before myself. And in that case, if you choose the local save file … then the cloud save file will be overwritten.

If I recall in Horizon 3 though, there was a bug and even if you did redownload the save from the cloud, it would still bug out just the same. My feeling is that it might be the same issue. Let’s hope not.

Yeah it’s possible that the bug may have been backed up. If that’s the case it sucks.

The support team will look into your ticket when they can and we appreciate your patience. They may need to look into your account further as it’s due to save data.

Thankyou for the reply Retro. Yes, that’s absolutely fine, please do.
If I have any developments I shall add those to the open tickets.

For closure regarding my circumstances. It was suggested I delete both cloud and local saves. Start again with compensation.
It now appears to have been a hardware fault all along. I returned the console to store and recieved a new one. Reinstalled FH4 and continued using the existing game save, which, fingers crossed has remained stable for a week.

Love the game now I got an Xbox one x as the original and s were clearly not made to run the game.

Support sucks. There is zero chance of having an issue resolved.

Had a reply to the support ticket from Ju1ce_Cannon about looking into my save file

That was two weeks ago and I’m still unable to play FH4, even with the latest update

Can somebody actually take a look and try and fix my save file please?

It looks like they won’t be able to save it and suggested that to be able to at least compensate you, you will need to delete the file from everywhere.

They will most likely compensate you with Credits and wheelspins to the equivalent to what you would have already spent.

Sorry that we are unable to rescue your file.

Thanks for the speedy response

That’s something thank you, how will I know if or when this might happen?

My worry is that this is the 2nd time its happened so I don’t know if its a game based glitch/bug or there’s something wrong with my Xbox One; ideally would prefer to know one way or another before I go sink money into buying an Xbox One S

As soon as you’ve cleared everything and responded to the ticket saying you’ve done this, then you should get compensated quite quickly hopefully.

I’m not to sure behind the corruption of the save as it could be a variety of reasons. You’re best continuing that conversation within your ticket on the support page.


When you say reply to the ticket, do you mean the email conversation I’ve been having with Ju1ce_Cannon or the support area? As am slightly confused :-/

Apologies, I meant to reply to the email conversation.

Hi I have the save issue my game splash on senna intro and I delete my save game and the forza works but when I download the save game from cloud the fora splash again is it possible to save the save game because I don’t want to start again