Cool map, but dissapointed

The more i play, the more i wish i hadnt spent $100 on this game. The map is cool, but the customization of the cars is just sad. Same old boaring forza spoiler or front bumper for unlocking tuning, removed some bodykits from cars. Seems like they just copy and pasted as much as they possibly could. Any other car game has tried to add new customization option for look and function of the cars, but not forza, seems like they said f*** it heres a new map and a new feature. It just feels the same as horizon 4, and mexico is just a expansion map. I hope it gets better, but as of now i wouldnt recommend this game to anyone.

Oh, and the ai drivatrs are still super annoying when playing in solo mode. Why cant you just ghost thru them like drivers online? Seriously, ive watched them get into massive accidents with each other they are horrible.