Is it me or is FH5 seriously disappointing?!

Graphics / Sound / Location aside

Matchmaking is a ridiculous lotto system that takes at least 10 minutes to join one race. Only to then have the event changed.
Gameplay is just terrible. How are Bone Shakers / Ford GT’s etc still athing? Does PG even play their own game or do QA control?
Not even sure why they bothered including RWD / FWD when AWD is literally all everyone uses.
Then to use cars you can buy regularly as an exchange for Forzathon Points? gtfo.
Lastly these courses - Mexico is the largest map to date but can we at least get more than 12 courses on repeat? Reminds me of racers back in the day where they’d just “reverse” or “flip” a course and voila it’s a whole new track!

FH4 wasn’t perfect but it was a hell of a lot better than FH5.
Even the music on 4 was better. There are a few good songs in 5 but that’s low hanging fruit.


Even though you’re using it as a mark of laziness I’d actually love them just to put reverses of the tracks in, Volcan Sprint + Montana Trail in particular really would be like completely different courses along with all the finale races.


100% agree with you there. I made a Reverse Goliath last week (had to start at the other side of the map due to the limited start points and directions) and, even knowing all the corners on the track, it was still different due to coming at them from the opposite direction

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I don’t mind super expensive autoshow cars being offered in the forzathon shop. I don’t have a lot of credits and I’m trying to save to buy some auction house items.



I don’t mind super expensive autoshow cars being offered in the forzathon shop. I don’t have a lot of credits and I’m trying to save to buy some auction house items.

Credits aren’t even an issue in Forza as you progress. Don’t even see why people feel they need to cheat to earn credits when the game rewards you for everything and anything.

I don’t mind super expensive autoshow cars being offered in the forzathon shop. I don’t have a lot of credits and I’m trying to save to buy some auction house items.

Credits aren’t even an issue in Forza as you progress. Don’t even see why people feel they need to cheat to earn credits when the game rewards you for everything and anything.

If you say so. I’ve been playing a bit every week since mid-season 2 and I only have about 8 mil saved. Have to constantly spend some on cars I don’t own to be able to do various seasonal events. I flat out skipped the Bentley forzathon and F40 speed trap because I wasn’t going to spend 4 mil + 1.2 mil just to get a couple seasonal points.

I also had to spend some on auction house to get the season 1 and first-half-season 2 exclusives I missed out on.

I don’t have anywhere enough to credits to buy the Civic '84, Aventador SVJ, and Maserati 8CTF I’m missing.

Yeah it’s somewhat disappointing now that the novelty of it being new has worn off. I like dirt racing and find the dirt courses in H5 disappointing as many have a lot of tarmac. Horizon Arcade is pitiful as you’re doing it on your own 95% of the time. Bring back the hourly Forzathons for a bit of fun with others.

Gotta say, I love my Boneshaker. Got me a win in Horizon Open for this week’s playlist.

I’m fine with the music. I like some of the XS songs.

One of the biggest issues apart from the bugs is you feel like you’re in a ghost down / post apocolyptic world with virtually no one else. You only get a bit of traffic in Horizon solo.


Well I would hope so. This car is easy mode so if you can’t win with a BS then something is seriously wrong. I’ve got some top 100/200 times (None BS) in rivals where I take perfect lines and braking points while the BS ghost I’m running up against is all over the road and bouncing off walls yet has the same time because the BS is just that OP. LOL

It is what it is

Beware, OP! Or the Positivity Police will catch you.

Playground doesn’t really care about online balance. Their intention is to make Sea of Thieves with cars: a game where you just goof around aimlessly to “make your own fun”. At least in Sea of Thieves I can kill other players whenever I’m bored (which, judging from many who played it, is often).

TBH I haven’t played an arcade game without a broken car yet. All NFS games had their clear superior cars, TDU had them, GRID too, I’m sure The Crew must as well. The problem is that Forza makes it so it’s on your face all the time. You build a car to A800, it’s supposed to be “evenly” matched" with the others, but, as it turns out, it isn’t! Not even close. Which is a flaw of the franchise.

And that’s for Turn 10 to fix because Playground is clearly more concerned with pretty graphics and engagement mechanics than with the actual racing.


I’m not disappointed, but I also have little use for PvP. Clearly, however, it’s not just you that is disappointed.

Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to step out of the thread, please. Do you know how sass you were going?


That Sea of Thieves with cars is gold. I was thinking more along the lines of Motorsport + Warzone. I’m not expecting perfection here by any stretch of the imagination but is it so hard to ask for

  1. Matchmaking that works
  2. An actual competitive reason to use other drivetrains
  3. Courses that look like they weren’t drawn by throwing darts
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I’m glad we don’t have The Crew 2 “balancing” here. It’s far worse in the major categories.
First, every car needs to be shoehorned into the same class “PI”.
Result? They add a VW T1 or Crown Vic Stretch that need to compete with a 911 GT3, Huracan and the likes. Thus, you have a T1 going 400 km/h with nitrous.
Second, they adjusted the balancing once but only for a part of the cars. Every new addition uses the recenthandling and nitrous model while many launch cars are basically undriveable. Results in a Zonda R (launch car) being slower around a track than aforementioned VW T1.
Launch RWD cars can’t handle nitrous without wheelspin, newer ones can. Cars have different nitrous “Tiers”, meaning nitrous is stronger on car 1 than car 2.
AWD is OP because AWD cars have higher traction, top speed and no cornering grip penalty. Every of the relevant categories is dominated by AWD.
Leaderboards are a waste because track cutting, respawn warping and slipstreaming are a thing. I can be in the global top 5 with other solo-legit drivers and one day later the best time is improved by 15 seconds because of above mentionend garbage.

The Crew has its traits and can be fun. Anything competitive is useless though.

This free for all system never works. In NFS you used to have Golfs competing against Lamborghinis. It was ironically very balanced, although the Carrera GT was fastest and the Elise could compete provided you kept it on the road.

NFS Heat basically had the 400+ cars only. But 400+ can be 420, 450, even 500… Making it useless.

The class system of Forza is good but they let it degrade to a point it needs some serious overhauling.

Racing game e-sports scene is dominated by sim racers, but arcade games have potential. You needed some really quick fingers to be able to drive fast in old games like NFS High Stakes, old GTs which relied on the poor processing power of the PS1 (not really arcade but not sim either), GRID (which is more arcade than sim), futuristic games like Wipeout and even “cute kart” games like MK64.

A competitive scene is what would force balance, but Forza Horizon does not want to have one anymore. Playground’s idea of competition is battle royale, which leaves it entirely open for other games to fill the void of proper racing. Could be a mistake.

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Not disagreeing with you, because I think you’re on the right track based on the direction they’re headed with certain things (ranked being removed, etc). However, I will say this… it doesn’t need to JUST BE a goof around game ONLY, the groundwork is all there for offering players more than just casually cruising around Mexico with basically zero competitive scene and the stat tracking of a game that’s a decade old (even though they keep ridiculous amounts of car telemetry that maybe .0015% of players ever even care to look at).

Bring back some ranked play and some meaningful stats to look at for your previous races, etc. would be the best immediate addition to the game they could do to help with replayability, games that do this where there’s no stats or ranked play just eventually lead the player to just get bored with it once the initial NEW CAR SMELL wears off, give us something to really work for rather than dumb carrot on a stick accolades like taking 500 pictures of cars (so boring and bad IMO), history has proven with games across the board that a competitive scene helps a games longevity as much as anything, can’t not have it IMO, otherwise there’s only so much they can do to keep dangling carrots in front of everyone to chase, when really that’s all just a bunch of crap they plugged in the game that really doesn’t add to the fun factor in any way shape or form, some of the accolades I like, but there’s so many dumb ones that are just busy work for the sake of doing stuff, such a pain. I could go on and on about issues that need fixing SO bad in the game, but at this point… that’s been documented enough on this site, I just wish they’d get someone that has some authority on the FH5 team that has a brain for competitive play, they should pay me as a PT consultant, I’d right the ship :slight_smile:

With Chinese cars on board, how can you say FH5 is disappointing?

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I’m not disappointed.

I think it’s seriously brilliant, and seriously… frustrating.

The menu refresh and overall visual style are cool and the best since FH2. The driving mechanics are a revelation, much more mature and realistic. The map is huge and detailed, and the winding roads are a blessing for track builders (albeit a curse for crossing the map without Fast Travel) . I dig the light flares (or will once the game contrast levels are corrected… PG are working on that right?), the fog in the jungle is beautiful at night, and the setting in Mexico is inspired (for loads of reasons). Guanajuato is awesome for street racing, and the volcano is unreal. So much to love, I can’t go back to FH4. And I played that a LOT.

Ok so that’s a taste of the good… Now for a few caveats.

The bugs that came on release (I’ve abandoned Accolades for now), the ones that carried over from FH4 (like water spots on the camera. Infuriating), and the new ones that arrive each week (with the challenges), are wearing me down. The sense that new items are rushed or incomplete (like why doesn’t the Lambo Espada have rear view mirrors?). Ambiguously worded challenges are doing my head in (“Take a photo in La Selva”… which one?? Pantano de la Selva? Aerodromo en la Selva? Plain old La Selva? Or just anywhere en la selva?). I can’t wait for the Event Lab fix (please Please PLEASE make it work/not break the game) because I can’t race the Colossus (which is terrific) over and over, but won’t be attempting to create another custom route until I’m confident it won’t glitch into the missed checkpoint bug (which again, isn’t new to FH5) or randomly delete objects I’ve installed. And the custom route search function itself is basically useless (try searching >16km routes and finding more than a couple. It’s splendid if you like driving down the runway and doing the jump at the end, but not great for much else).

Then there’s the drivatars (another thread exists), and the braking line is umm broken (it’s red on almost every corner, regardless of whether you need to brake). And sometimes the weekly challenges can feel a little… rote. That’s a carry over from the final months of FH4 that I’d hoped to have seen the end of (exhaustion on the part of PG, perhaps?). So, yep, frustrating.

FH5 has some major issues for sure, but definitely all fixable. Once PG find their feet, I think it’ll be the franchise best by far.


Agree with everything , except this. First, i dont think that they are going to change how things work after so many years…

Second, whats wrong with offering autoshow cars for forzathon points??? both currencies are FREE. You can spent them the way you want. More options to buy cars in others ways is always welcome, not the opposite around.

If they dont give you cars in the playlist? what the h3ck do you expect em to do? this game is ALL ABOUT CARS.

I am mostly disappointed about the small things - not working thumbnails on PC Version installed on a NVME SSD. The animation errors when you enter your house. The graphic glitches even on new car pass models as the 2018 Audi TT where one of the position lights is still black and in certain front and rear bumper configurations the rear bumper is completely missing. Getting a second seventh generation Golf R as additional reward to an already existing one. Getting paid dlc cars that are recycled from earlier Forza Titles and not entirely new ones as promised. And all these seasonal one car promo stunts. All these glitches and bugs that are taken over from FH3 or FH4.

And additional to this they call it fast travel in Horizon Open when I have to wait between 5-7 minutes for other players - come on! I have a 250m/bit cable internet connection!

And what is about the vga memory leak? Had to play at least about 4 hours in Horizon Open to finally get a class/car/race combo to hit first place and the game gives me a memory warning for my 11GB VRAM graphics card? What? Of course that message was enough to kick me out of the race only about 500m from the finish line.

Yeah - Forza Horizon 5 disappoints me in a more massive way I like to admit.