Convoys still don't work

title says it all really.

Sometimes I can see my friends, but they can’t see me, other times they can see me but I cant see them, and sometimes nobody can see anyone in the same convoy

Could forgive it the first few weeks but this is getting a joke, game just feels like a cash grab at this point :-1:

edit: its not a connection issue, if FH4 online and every other game you play works fine for you as it did for me I strongly recommend to not follow the bad advice given below!

What’s your NAT type? Convoys always worked but depends on your connection.

NAT type is open, connection is spot on, the convoys works but i can’t see anyone in it, only got it to work once where we could all see each other a few days ago and it took about an hour of leaving, joining and changing hosts.

Its not just me having this issue :-1:

Strange. For instance, yesterday how it was bad, I could see people but they didn’t see me. :smiley: But it could be because they have bad connection. No open for sure. In normal days everything looks rather fine.

I think you’re just assuming its their connection to be honest because everyone in my clubs have had the same issue. Its nothing to do with connection, its an issue with the game itself.

It was always about connection like in any other game. Do you remember H4 problems? Sure, sometimes are servers probably overloaded but usually it works like a charm if you have public IP address.

Oh my days. No it isn’t. We are all in the same game, some can see others who can’t see them. Was never an issue in any other game including FH4, for any of us.

I’ll say it again, my connection is SPOT ON :expressionless:

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But you are not alone there, everybody must have it maybe.

My post is to let them know they still haven’t fixed the problem, its not my connection, its not anyone else connection, as said none of us have ever had a problem with any other game including all previous Forza titles.

If yours works fine then thats great and im super happy for you, but banging on about connection when that isn’t the problem is helping nobody.

Depends. They said many times, they work on it. If you have bad connection, it could be worse, I guess.

No, it doesn’t “depend”, them saying they fixed it means nothing when the problem is still there. As I said if yours works, great, why are you here? How can you know what the problem is when you apparently never had it yourself :expressionless:

I play with people with bad connection so I can see it too. All your friends have console accessible from internet?

no were trying to play with no Internet :expressionless:


Most people don’t have public IP address and use some kind of firewall. It’s not so easy to play with it. Some ISPs offer at least UPnP. You should check what you have and your friends first.

I keep telling you the problem is on Forza end, not mine, or anyone else’s. I know this because every other game including older Forza titles work completely fine.

I really don’t know why you’re still responding at this point, I keep telling you its not connection and you ignore me and claim it is. More players are having the issue than those who aren’t. Is everyone’s connection bad except yours? Seriously…

Most people have bad connection and just don’t care. Check yours.

Lmao I did because I already knew it was and what surprise? Everything good. Literally 0% packet loss, 10mb upload and 50mb download with consistent sub 30m/s… NAT type open. I knew it was perfectly fine and it is.

Stop claiming to know the answer for things which you clearly don’t because you help nobody and infact some of your posts may cause people further issues outside of just xbox :+1:

What? Do you have public address? On a console or a router? What about firewall?

By blaming my connection or anyone else’s you are helping to mask the real problem which is on the games end not the players.

You don’t know what you’re talking about, so why pretend you do!!

After you check what connection you have, check your friends too. It’s easy to blame PG, I know…