Controller for FH4 on Windows 10?

I am completely new to FH4 and computer gaming. I have Xbox game pass for Windows 10 and have downloaded FH4 and love it. I have been controlling with keyboard, but I would like to buy a controller that will give me proportional steering. I think the arrow keys on my keyboard are a problem for me because they don’t control the steering in a smooth fashion. Is there a controller that will give me a proportional type steering capability? I have usb capability on my windows 10 computer. I never had an Xbox or playstation or anything like that. I just use the computer. Need to know what type of controller that I can order to work well with FH4. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Ted Turanski

You could get an Xbox One controller, that’s what I use. If your PC has bluetooth, it will work wirelessly, otherwise you can either get the Microsoft bluetooth dongle (which is what I use) or a USB cable and use it as wired.

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Yes just use an XBox controller, anyway Microsoft make Windows, and the XBox so they match.

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AFAIK you can use any controller with Fh4 but any controller other then Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller you need an App. Otherwise Game dont recognize those controllers.

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which app? coz i just bought a redgear xbox 360 controller compatible with windows 10 and has been working on rockstar games menus (yet to play any rockstar games product) . what app do we need for this controller to be used in fh4?

I heartily suggest a wheel instead, especially on the PC version. The wheel IS more expensive and harder to use. Nonetheless, the wheel allows you to experience actual driving in this game … and several others.

Thank you to FullNietzsche, AquaPainter168, and talhaONE for your response to my question. I took your advice and bought an Xbox ONE wired controller and it works just fine out of the box with my computer. What a difference it has made, not only with steering, but also with speed control. I really like the realism that the controller adds to FH4. Also, FwyFlyer, I just saw your post about the wheel. Thank you for responding! I think I will use the controller for now, but since I like the realism of FH4 I will also think about your suggestion. As I am new to this whole thing, what kind of wheel do you recommend for FH4 via windows 10 and the Xbox windows 10 game pass and where do you get this or order it from, and about how much does it cost? Many thanks to all for your help!!! Ted

There are plenty wheels available that range in cost from $150-$1500 or more. Because of the expense, I always suggest you check multiple references. But, a quick search for sim racing wheels and 2020 should bring up several youtube videos on the main contenders. The Logitech g29 or g920 or Thrustmaster T300 seem to be the most common way to get started as they include an entry level force feedback wheel along with pedals. Search the forums before you purchase though to see if you can find recommended force feedback settings to use in game. Don’t even bother with a wheel that does not have force feedback.

I have been driving sideways (mostly off road) since I was 16. The very same skills apply in most sim racing. And, I can assure you that FM7 and FH4 are an absolute blast with a wheel and pedals once you get everything setup the way you want it. In addition, there is a rich diversity in racing simulators available on the PC should you ultimately decide to experiment further. Even if you do experiment further, you’ll likely find titles like FM7 and FH4 keep drawing you back.

Caveat: You can drift for miles in FH4 with an xbox controller. Unfortunately, the drifting process in FH4 doesn’t work near as well with a wheel.

You’re lucky if your experience with FH4 and a wheel is good, because for most people it isn’t. Not even FM7 is OK either.
FM7 is a controller game and FH4 a controller/keyboard game, those are actually the best for it.

A good (and necessary I’d say) experience with a wheel starts with GT Sport, AC, ACC and the rest of the sims
Using a wheel in an arcade game like FH4 is just for fun, you can’t really get any competitive with it. But if fun is your poison, then sure, why not, try a wheel.

Also, if you’ll get a wheel, you’ll start playing some real sims and never bother with it in FH4.

I myself play with a keyboard on PC (FH4), quite competitive and the wheel is exclusively for GT Sport and ACC.

I recently set a rivals world record in FH4 using a wheel. I’ve also played GTS, AC and ACC, and the feel of the cars in FH4 with a wheel doesn’t particularly feel more arcade to me, if anything GTS feels more arcade to me than FH4 for driving feel (while obviously being more sim in terms of having tyre wear, fuel use, pit stops, strategies with tyre compounds etc).


I have played virtually every sim racer that came out over the last two decades. I enjoy plenty of em including but definitely not limited to iRacing, GTL, AC, ACC, rF2, AMS, DR2, etc. And, I will say the FH4 dev team has refined the force feedback over the last two years to the point where it is quite communicative. I do have an advantage. Since I run a direct drive wheel, I can feel all of the nuances in FH4’s force feedback. So, I am quite successful at it. I am no Bree, but I can place in the top 10 percent in rivals which is not half bad. I find the force feedback for me is plenty good for circuits, street, and dirt. Much less so for free roam and drift. Even so, I come back time and time again to FH4 not because it can do ffb as well as ACC or rf2, but because FH4 is just plain FUN! I enjoy getting online with friends to do some light-hearted racing. As a result, FH4 is more than deserving of my time.

I should add that as a diehard racing guy, I only play from the cockpit views. Driving from outside the car is like driving an RC car to me. Driving from inside the car… now that is where it all begins.

I use an xbox 360 wireless gamepad in my PC , before 10 days i installed the update 2004 for Windows 10 and my chinese OEM wireless receiver stopped working! (I have also an official MS receiver that is still working but has got a problem , it is disconnected all the time and is not usable anymore)
Then i searched on google and i found this soliution

I did all these steps and i made the OEM 360 receiver to work again in any game i have tried so far…(in devices manager is detected as an official Microsfot 360 receiver + when i connect my offical wireless gamepad i can see the xbox360 icon in there)
Today i launched FH4 which is the only installed game right now on Xbox app and my Xbox360 gamepad is not detected ! But it normally works elsewhere! Also i have 2 other 3rd party Chinese gamepads that support xinput drivers and FH4 normally detect them !(but nothing convinces me like the classic xbox360 offical gamepad!)
Any idea how to fix it?? I am gonna start a new dedicated topic about this issue if i dont find any solution soon…

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