Content Update - October 11

177.6 MB on Xbox One X
"Today we are expecting to release a content update that addresses the Goliath credit glitch in #Forzahorizon4 Release Notes: "


Soooo are we getting an update for wheel force feed back on xbox? My fanatec still feels super cruddy.

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Yesss thank you for patching this

so this is why i cant access online servers i also just got a stupid 56 gig update file for some reason and i have the game through gamepass and its making me download the full damn game again

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Kudos to this

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Has anyone else experience a 3min respawn time and a 1min load time on places after the update?



You and me both.

It Playground’s fault. I didn’t use this but that should have been found in testing. You can’t really punish people for a flaw in the game. They didn’t mod the game or anything to do this.



Crashers and rammers don’t mod the game still should be banned.

People using it should be banner for a week and their game save rested. It’ no different than shooting your own team in Rainbow Six.

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Agree a ban is in order. How can anyone be proud of their level when no one now knows if genuine or glitched?

Regardless of the glitch being bad design choice people still knowingly exploited this.


I think, Forza Team must do punishments to players, which used this glitch.

Ok, when somebody did it once, let it be. But everybody who ran it more than once, didn’t play fair. In case there will be no action, it means, next time, similar bug will be in game, everybody will use it.

For me, it is not important, how many CR / influence they have. But they will “invest” money into auction house, will buy every rare car and sell it for 20M. Then they will sell credit at ebay. Now you can find several offers to buy CR @ ebay.

I paid money for ultimate version of this game, playing game during nights to make progress and now, I feel scammed. Not just by people, who did it, but also by Forza Team, when they will do nothing.

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They have said they are going to deal with the people that used the glitch.
Lets see what the punishment is before you say they have done nothing.


We don’t discuss enforcement issues such as bans here on the forums.

They’ve patched the problem, now let them worry about cleaning up the mess.

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Didnt bother playin the Goliath so far. What was the glitch?

And also, that can explain how i see a 1 STAR level 278 or a 2 STAR level 6…

DLC just arrived. The 959 cannot reach top of S1 class. :frowning:

The acceleration might offset the PI disadvantage, though.

oh well ig

Why is this 56 Gb I just downloaded the game on release now an update all most as big as the game it’s self! How can there be that much to fix it’s terrible for ppl with slower Internet speeds