Content Update - October 10

I’m getting an update right now, 343 mb Xbox one X. Read the link and it sounds just like fixes from last patch? Xbox one X free roam, that was mentioned last time.

PC getting it now. It is an older post but they updated it today

“Today we are expecting to release a content update for #ForzaHorizon4 Please check the forums for our updated Release Notes. PC Players: Please note that your hardware settings may reset to default. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.”

After the Update. I get no Team and Club Influence playing in a convoy with a Team and Club member…

This occasionally has happened to a group of my friends as well before the update. I think it’s a server communication issue. Everything seems to work except those tabs are greyed out. Usually after a period of time it clears itself or rebooting the system and reconnecting to the server.

Please tell me you guys patched that super wheelspin glitch i keep hesring about?


All Drivatars still have Level 1 in offline mode and all are still grayed out. WHY NOT COLORED LEVELS ABOVE ON THE CAR like FH3??

I don’t understand it.

I mean, when I chillout in Offline mode all Drivatars have Level 1, no Designs and no colored Level top of the cars.

What about the issues with custom profile binds not saving ?

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Well, it did not fix my crashing issue, that much I can tell you. And for some reason posting in the other thread results in a forum crash warning.

I noticed after update(console restart), there’s no opponent icons in the mini map during any kind of race.

I had that happening to me a few days ago. It eventually resolved itself. It was mildly annoying. ::shrug::

Yep, it has since rectified itself, I’m glad😁

I lost the whole game trying to put in the update. now i’m having to start all over a again from LVL 1.

I canceled the update after being stuck at 33MB for ten minutes. Now game is reinstalling itself from disc. ??? I bet my progress will be lost and i’m going to be pissed!

Game save and progress is stored in the cloud
As long as you let it sync properly you shouldnt lose progress

Horizon 4 The game will not be played after this update.
There seems to be a problem with the high definition audio bus.
Or it may have compatibility issues with AMD DRIVER 18.9.3.
I hope you get it over with.

There’s an audio bug on the Xbox version as well. I thought it would have fixed with this update.