Content Update - October 11

My update was far less than that

tsukasa124, did you cancel the update at any stage. As I believe that will lead you to re-download the whole game not just the update. Hence your 56gb download size.

No I didn’t turned my xbox on tonight and there it was

It’s possible your router lost connection or power, effectively cancelling the initial install. Making the store start from scratch.

Don’t know the answer to be fair, hope you’ve got decent download speeds. It’d take me most of the night to download again.


10 minutes to find a Horizon Life session.

Often endless waits trying to find an Ranked Team Adventure session (I’ve had it searching for over 30 minutes before and still not found one)

When you rejoin freeroam after an online match you are separated from your convoy…With the game “thinking” you are in Solo in terms of giving you the option to “join online” and therefore not letting you set up pvp/coop events with the message “you must be online” with the only way to continue being to quit to solo and rejoin (often 10 minutes)

None of these issues are addressed in the patch…but…rush out a fix to stop people getting extra credits

Priorities are so far out of whack it’s ridiculous

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Is the Influence gain going to be addressed? Many clubs that decided not to use the exploit are now a lot farther down in the rankings because of some clubs that used the glitch heavily.

im gonna just put it out there…
if this was world of warcraft and something like this was discovered-
the developers would imediatly shut any online activity down or area that has the issue.

and the fact that NOTHING was done in 24+ hours is purely a developer problem to be honest.

i did the goliath thing myself, and i will say that im willing to take some form of punishment for it aswell.
but in the end, a ban will just result in loss of thousands and thousands of players.

afterall it was hundreds of youtube vids posted with 100’s of thousands of total views!

They did patch it yesterday. Check the stickey post.

Here is the Link

Can’t ban me for using the Goliath glitch, I don’t even have that unlocked yet😁