Constant controller disconnects

Why does this only happen on Forza? No other game has this issue.

is anyone else signed in the same time as you and have you got your controller assigned to you ?

I had a similar problem a couple weeks back, my bother was signed in and the controller I was using was assigned to his profile.

nope just me, starting to suspect my battery pack

Nope happened with AA batteries too.

I have this happening occasionally too. Thought my XB controller is reaching it’s age limit, but my Elite controller have the exact symptoms. Never happened in a race though, just in paint booth about once every 10 hours of play.

i noticed this too for the first time two days back. I tried different controls as well but it didn’t help.

I took a hard reset of the console and the problem was gone for me and I haven’t noticed it since.

Must edit my previous post. Same happened to me Monday night in an online race in private MP lobby. No need to say, when I returned, car was wrecked and I had to quit.

Oh, and yes, controller is assigned to my GT and batteries are fine.

I don’t know. I had my elite controller replaced this week because it was just acting crazy and still under warranty. I bought a brand new official Xbox battery pack and it still disconnects. Regular AA in the replacement controller do not disconnect. I feel like it has something to do with the battery back not fitting well in the Elite controller.

its been happening to me lots, its almost like the controller is resetting itself. It happens on both my controllers (one elite, one normal) and it happens everywhere, not just Forza. Im pretty sure theres a thread about it on xbox forums somewhere.