Controller Disconnecting

So, my controller has been disconnecting for no apparent reason, and for a while, this only happened in menus. Now, however, it appears to be disconnecting during races as well, which is very frustrating. This disconnection problem does not occur in any other Xbox One game, just Forza. Clearly, this must be some kind of Forza error. I’m starting this post to see if anyone else is having the same problem and if there are any possible fixes or workarounds thus far. I hope T10 is working on fixing this bug because it is ruining how much I’m enjoying Forza, which is not cool.

1 question. Have you done the controller update? If so then it is a MS issue and not T10 issue. The April OS update addresses the issue. I get the same as just picked up some TB X07’s and needed to do update. It will be fixed soon.

I get the same too on Titanfall but not as often as Forza.

This has been an issue since the start and while there are lots of workarounds there is no solid method that cures it, I used to get it (had the controller disconnect 3 times in 1 race !!) after that I am now hard wired (plug and play always plugged in)

I read that the next update Xbox are putting out has connectivity issues with controllers updated so you never know we could see the end of the issue

Weird I have never had that issue before only time it ever turned off on me was after leaving the controller idle for extended time. Im wondering if this is a select batch of controller’s with the problem. I have a day one edition controller very curious if anyone having the problems has one or not.

there are alot of problems since the last update. i thought it was due to them playing with the servers at build 2014 but there are alot of crash to start screens happening since the last update. microsoft and turn ten need to do more testing before releasing patches and test it on hardware from every manufactureing plant. evidently there are differences.

This has been happening alot. Also the controller diconnect. Not to mention not being able to communicate in lobbies. The issues with connecting with friends in private lobbies. Hopefully its fixed soon just started racing in the lobbies a little bit ago and it’s a blast, without all the crashes .

It is in the changelog for the April update on the console. Whenever it comes hopefully it improves.

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Yes. I have this issue. I bought rechargeable batteries and they where to blame. Glad its not, and its an actual issue.

I always thought it was my batteries so whatever I get this issue I change them lol

if its the batteries the rumble quits working about half an hour before it shuts off. if it goes dead with rumble working its not the batteries. i have killed batteries before so i am 100% sure about rumble not working. now i keep two sets of rechargables fully charged at all times.

i’m afraid to turn my xbox one because i haven’t since the last update which i am going to avoid. does anyone know if having the mic plugged in or unpluged makes any difference? or hopefully its those new surround sound headphones?

Amusingly, if you’re running Eneloop batteries the vibration doesn’t die in advance like with cheaper rechargeables or with alkalines, the whole controller just up and quits!

The batteries dying and this issue are different.

The controller is still on and lit up but disco’s

Anyone running the Xbox LIVE update beta should be reporting the issues in the appropriate forums. There is nothing we can do regarding controller disconnects if you’re running the beta software. Check in the proper place, it is a known issue.

This is something that started happening after the MS update to the controller for sound. It has been all over the MS boards and happens with every game. Its a MS problem with their update and not T10 fault. I have a day one controller, titanfall controller, and an extra controller, two have been updated and suffer the disconnect. The third controller, the extra one I bought, hasn’t been updated and I have not had a disconnect with it. I just can’t use the chat adapter with it.

by chat adapter do you mean the head set the one comes with?

This is incorrect this issue was happening way before the Controller Update came out, I got the console in Jan and had issues from the offset whilst using batteries and a play and charge battery pack

The best work around is to plug the controller into a USB cable (ideally attached to the console and not another power source) this will stop the disconnects (yes this means its “last gen” because its not wireless but who sits so far away from the tv that this will be an issue …)

on another note, using the Mic/headset does dramatically reduce the battery life on the controller

Nope not the headset that came with the xbox. If you buy the Microsoft chat adapter for headphones, or a pair of headphones that includes the chat adapter there is an update to the controller that you have to do. When you plug the adapter in it automatically prompts you for the update. Since doing that update on two of my controllers I get the random disconnects in my games, Forza and Titanfall.

My day one controller I never updated I just use the headset that came with the xbox and it has yet to disconnect.

This is the adapter I’m talking about.

I have updated both controller updates and with my day one controller and no disconnects at all. This is definitely something to do with controllers made at different times or places im wondering if these controllers have faulty wireless connection issues.

glad i was broke i thought i wanted one of those. how do so many problems get thru the internal and public beta programs? ms needs to stop the monthly updates and test it until all bugs are fixed before releasing. if you cant do it in a monthly time frame take more time. working old stuff is better than broken new stuff. get more paid testers. crashing to dash and disconnecting controllers should never make it to a public beta. ms needs to get hardware from each plant and give them away along with live and free games to get this stuff tested if thats what it takes.

Mine has always done that and no update has fixed it yet. It seems to know when I’m catching first place in a lobby although I’m not quite sure how they programmed it to know.

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