Controller constantly disconnecting

It might just be pure coincidence, but ever since this latest content update my controller is disconnecting after every race. Strangely it’s limited to ONLY Forza. None of my other games have had this issue.

It happens wireless, and if it’s connected via USB cable. I’ve tried the obligatory (and wholely un-necessary) “hard reset”. I’ve “updated” the controller. I have older controllers that the same thing seems to happen with (the old controlers were worn out or broken and I just used them to test things). I’ve hit the wireless reconnect button (or what-ever they’re calling the button on the front facung lanel between the left and right bumper buttons) - this gets it reconnected, but only until the end of the next race.

I have two gamer profiles and it happens with both.

The controller works fine with the X Box itself, even after Forza reports it’s lost connection.

The message I receive when it disconnects is specific to Forza and asks that I “please press the Xbox button with the gamepad that you would like to play with, and choose 's profile from the Account picker”.

Thoughts? And please, I beg of you…don’t ask me to do what I’ve already done. I detailed everything I’ve tried to avoid un-necessary repetition.

Getting this as well, happens whenever i double press the guide button to record things, i’ll get back into my game and now i have the controller disconnected sign appear, i need to take my batteries out and put them back in to fix it

Try proper Hard Resets. Not part Hard Resets, but proper ones.

Making sure you actually DISCONNECT the leads from BOTH the console, and the power board and Internet connection.

Wait a full 5 mins, until the glow on the power brick COMPLETELY disappears, wait a further minute, then reconnect.

That SHOULD clear all corrupted files related to the game across the board.

Then start the game off. One thing that often corrupts files is NOT shutting the game down properly, clicking ‘B’ back until you’re at the very initial Start Screen. Just hitting the power off button can lead to issues.

Also, make sure you press AND HOLD the off button to shut the console down gully, not just put it to sleep. Otherwise any residual settings stay imprinted in the software.

Sure, it’s inconvenient, but if you want more trouble free experiences, then following those few modes is the best way to get the bestbout of your console.

These things USUALLY eliminate such issues you’ve mentioned. I’ve not experienced any controller issues since the update, but if I do, I’ll certainly pop back in here and let you know.


Ive also had controller disconnects at the end of every league race however ive remained in my party chat at all times. Trying the hard reset to see if stops the issue.

Let us know how it goes. But DON’T be tempted to reconnect the power before the very dim glow disappears completely, which at times, can take over 3-5 mins.

Not just disconnect and reconnect etc like some do.


Golly, there’s a “Hard Reset” and then there’s a “Proper Hard Reset”.

Will there be a “Super Special Members Only Secret Handshake Reset”, too? Will this involve hunting down the engineers and tarring and feathering them?

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I’m trying to point out that there’s many gamers that simply do what THEY think is a Hard Reset, when I fact it’s not. Many do t wait the correct time, nor do they actually disconnect all the cables as stated in the Cbox Support threads dedicated to that.

Many simply quickly pull out the plug, count to 60 and plug it back in. That’s not enough time for the power to properly drag fully.

Sometimes ppl need things explained fully, it’s not a crime to offer assistance to those that might not know those things.

I’d rather explain things properly, than just say… “Hey due, just do a hard reset”. As many new to a game might not even know what that is…


I wasn’t putting you down, OZ. just expressing frustration at the never-ending “special resets” that are needed. My XBox power adapter isn’t exactly easily accessible and if something like this is needed this often I think the means of doing a proper reset should be easier.

That being said, it seems to have done the trick. Your instructions were spot on.

Not had it happen since doing full reset as above fingers crossed!

For future reference, I’ve tried to make it pretty simple in several instances:

The “hard reset” is an Xbox One console thing, not the Forza Motorsport game. And, with the latest updates to Xbox One from Xbox Live, things are a bit more touchy, too.

The only problem was that I was told how to do a “hard reset” years ago by pressing and holding the front “button”, and unfortunately that fixed most of my issues so I used that method exclusively.

I’ve only recently heard about this super-exclusive “Batman Membership Hard Reset”.

Which reminds me: Your monthly dues haven’t been paid lately. LOL!

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Cute one Snow… :+1::+1::sunglasses:


But I’ve been wearing my Batman Underoos! That doesn’t count?

They could do, think it might have something to do with the static, they are silk, aren’t they lol…

They HAVE. To be silk for the reset to work proper mate, otherwise there could be some dire consequences…


What you have simply been doing is, turning the Xbox off fully, not putting it into Sleep Mode, which we do by simply hitting shutdown on the controller or console.

Holding the X Button until the light STOPS like you’ve been doing is the correct way of turn an Xbox off properly.

Most click the X Button, hear the noise, then turn away and presume the xbox is off.

You’ve been doing it the right way mate.

The Hard Reset that SnowOwl gave a link to has always been the correct full Hard Reset …

Kudos to you for doing the Off properly, as it also allows midst recent stored cookies (or their derivatives) to be cleared by the OS.

The ‘real’ Hard Reset cuts the electrical current AND the Internet current to the hardware, both of which need to be discontinued, that allows any residual current to clear, so that any oddities held by the current being connected, can disapate properly.

Which has been an old computer fix for years, and the newer xboxs are basically baby computers. But that’ll all change once Project Scorpio hits next September, with Forza Motorpsorts accompanying it.